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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Shenzhen tengda security technology development co. , LTD. , a small mobile aluminium alloy folding scaffold can be used in situations where space is limited, very easy to transport and carry, it can be installed in the corridor, escalators, stairs and elevator well relatively narrow space such as homework, remove the use small van can hold all the accessories, have a light, flexible characteristic. Small folding mobile platform product characteristics: 1, especially suitable for use within the limited space, such as the narrow sidewalks and corridors; 2, can be used easily and flexibly on different occasions, mobile convenience, simple installation quickly; 3, single wide type design, can push through the general door; 4, light, but do not break solid product advantage: advantage: simple operation, save time and effort. Simple structure, workers use don't need any tools can be completed in 15 minutes with his hands 4 meters of aluminum alloy scaffolding. Advantage 2: safe and reliable, can the bidirectional self-locking. Joint design application respect to suspend the bidirectional self-locking, reduce the unstable factors. Rail and vertical connection and are independent of each other, when the same nodes appear loose, traditional scaffolding can present widespread damage, and new type of scaffolding won't. Three advantages: large bearing capacity, strong stability as a whole. Joint with bending, shear and torsion resistance performance, stable structure, bearing capacity is big. The use of diagonal member number is much lower than the traditional scaffolding, greatly reduce the scaffold its weight. Advantage: four function diversity, can be used with traditional scaffolding. Can according to the requirements of the special construction of different groups, size and shape and bearing different combined into single, double wide wide scaffolding, racks, columns, and other functions of construction equipment. Aluminium alloy pipe surface pure bright, usually without maintenance. Normal 1 - galvanized pipe Three months after the surface began to rust, paint need regular maintenance. Neither green nor waste cost. Choose aluminum scaffolding, display for the whole project is also a kind of beautiful scenery. Aluminum alloy scaffolding small folding mobile platform corrosion resistance, no maintenance: the scaffolding all parts are processed with special anti-oxidation, rust resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, the service life of the product is as high as more than 30 years, do not need to maintain. Applicable to ( Aviation, electric power, fire control, construction, telecommunications, film and television, convention and exhibition, schools, advertising, stores, shopping malls, office buildings, plus or minus authority, subway, railway, factory, etc. ) Maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, equipment installation, decoration and other aerial work.
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