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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Q: shenzhen aluminum alloy scaffolding where there is? I find for a long time haven't to do the manufacturer of aluminum alloy. Answer: chongqing road in shenzhen baoan district fuyong street fulda plant no. 3 building, shenzhen city tengda security technology development co. , LTD. , the company has, can see the goods. Why use aluminum alloy scaffolding? Q: aluminum alloy scaffolding is not easier to rust, weight is light, convenient installation, high security, high anticorrosive, improve work efficiency, quality assurance for 30 years, workers all liked the scaffolding answer: few companies do aluminum alloy material in shenzhen region, is famous for is the tengda security technology company. Q: do you know where the scaffolding are applied in shenzhen what project? Answer: generally used for the industry: electricity power supply civil aviation industrial and mining enterprises of large ship hotel stage venue decoration cleaning Marine terminal scaffolding high-speed rail subway and so on. Explain the use of aluminum alloy under the shenzhen scaffolding points are as follows: ( 1) Connection pin hole generally tied slightly greater than the diameter of the bolt, so that it is easy to put in place the installation frame. 。 After bolt inserted pin hole, should tighten hook switch from the wall, make the hook pin and pin hole and tighten loose not on the wall. 。 。 Before dismantling scaffolding, loosen nut first, then pulled down. 。 。 ( 2) Rack mounting, should according to the actual location of the hook bolt placed. 。 Because of the big template bolt hole position will not change, can guarantee the hook switch from the previous layer framework connecting pin hole position. 。 ( 3) When in the floor plan of segmented flow operation, which can be in two layers. Therefore, we should set the end seal at the end of the shelf installation, in order to ensure the work safety of operating personnel. 。 ( 4) Shenzhen because of the aluminum alloy scaffolding is in new pouring concrete external wall support, so the strength of the exterior concrete should be enough. In construction of concrete strength calculation according to the daily average temperature, according to the concrete strength - Age curve is calculated. This value should be more than 7 MPa.
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