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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen stents aluminum factory contact number: 18420150310 button scaffold as a new product, the scaffold fiercely contested areas of new technology, market prospect, specialized operations will be the future for the only way to secure a stable market share. The single wide aluminum alloy scaffolding in detail ( 1) Specification sheet width the width of the aluminum alloy scaffolding to 0. Length of 75 meters, 2. 0 m, the biggest capacity ( Including its weight) Is 1000 kg, each step of the maximum bearing capacity is 272 kg, caster wheel bearing capacity is 500 kg, their feet slip up to 40 cm. Pay attention to safety in the process of using, it is forbidden to play and play on the tower, put an end to the accident. Sichuan east aluminum alloy in first step ladder scaffolding, shears and used for safety protection steel tube chooses yellow and black three paint, 400 ㎜ distance. Types of scaffolding steel, fasteners, button, button, etc. Model steel 1 - 6 meters, other have bar, rod. Scaffolding is doing double bent or racks. Sales of tons, sold by the root. Lease by m, calculated by root rates. Delivery, reconciliation, return money, money, money, want to. 。 。 Money to. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Money, to live? Want money? 。 。 。 Switch button scaffold production sales and construction integration after contracting the new's question is like this scaffolding scaffolding steel tube, material, Q195, Q235, Q345, do you know the meaning of Numbers? Scaffolding construction is a specification, you know? Even if know, have you seen? Closely related to scaffolding noun: load, the thickness of the roof, the size of the beam, the main keel, keel, poling stability, resistance to capsizing, even the wall piece, scaffolding, sweeping the floor, the free end, bracing. 。 。 。 。 。 Do you know the requirements and function? Scaffolding construction is the need for solutions, and high modulus is a need to organize expert argumentation. What project is high die? Scaffolding bar size why shorter than nominal size? Such as 900 mm bar, actual 850 mm. 。 Rail and modulus of poling size? Scaffolding have brace, the impact on the bearing capacity have how old? Scaffolding, the first layer is the need after leveling, party, or deformation of the diamond frame body safety factor is reduced greatly. Scaffolding poling precision and the length of the end verticality, smoothness opposite pole positioned verticality, impact on the stability of the frame body? Galvanized is divided into hot dipped galvanized and cold galvanizing, and electroplating, the service life of the same? Scaffolding main raw material is steel tube, different material and manufacturer, price difference is very big. At the same time the quality of the parts and the impact of price of the product cost more, just ask how many money a ton, reasonable? What kind of project, what kind of scaffolding is more economic and reasonable? First-class enterprise sells brand, second-class enterprise value, third-rate companies sell function, do so many years of scaffolding, suddenly look back, actually did not even grasp the comprehensive function, it's too dirty. Shenzhen stents aluminum factory
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