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Jiangsu bright scaffolding exterior insulation system construction process - part of external thermal insulation system Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen light scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine speaking of exterior insulation system, may be a lot of friends are not clear, it is applicable to new buildings, by can be used for energy saving reconstruction and renovation. Because traditional exterior wall thermal insulation effect is poorer, leading to large energy, wall dewing appear moldy phenomenon. The exterior insulation system, obviously improve the living comfort, and has good energy saving effect and the comprehensive economic benefits. So, exterior insulation system is made up of what? What are the construction process? Let's take a look at some related knowledge. Part 1 exterior insulation system, exterior insulation: mainly refers to are built of brick or concrete, and then to establish thermal insulation layer on the surface of the vertical wall appearance. 2, insulation: EPS, XPS board, rock wool board, glass cotton blanket, lightweight insulation slurry, etc. With XPS application are more common. 3, fixed insulation board, have a plenty of the heat preservation plate bonding or anchorage on the basement, some for the combination of these two, for binding main, or is given priority to with anchorage. 4, surface: daub polymer bonded mucilage on the surface, thickness is commonly 2 ~ 3 mm. Have internal cladding material to strengthen. 5, spare parts and auxiliary materials: in seams and edges, spare parts, can want to go to the bolt, pin and butyl rubber, silicone paste and other auxiliary materials. Exterior insulation system construction process, construction condition 1, grassroots wall: structural load bearing wall surface acceptance should meet the national quality standards, wait until smooth layer after drying, checking to see if qualified, and then for exterior wall insulation construction. 2, door and window, the hole size should meet the requirements of design and quality. 3, heat preservation of Windows: should be in strict accordance with the design requirements for the construction. 4, expansion joints, and decorative sewing: maximum spacing need to comply with requirements and design units. 5, embedded pipe: reserved room for sticking out of the heat preservation. 6, environmental conditions: construction on the environment temperature and the wall surface temperature at the grass-roots level shall not be lower than 5 ℃, wind power is not more than 5, if the construction is not recommended for the rainy day. Second, the material to the acceptance of storage and transportation standard to comply with the relevant requirements, classified depositing. Pay attention to the waterproof moisture-proof during storage. Three, the construction tools need to be ready to heating wire cutter, mixer, wallpaper knife, screwdriver, float, scissors, hacksaw blade, sandpaper, plastic mixing barrel, impact drill, hammer, Yin and Yang small hairbrush, 2 m by feet, and so on. Four, labor, mechanical equipment and scaffolding, according to the engineering of the workload and the exterior insulation construction tools, and inspection for the scaffolding, look to whether meet the requirements of safe use. Conclusion: exterior insulation system of knowledge is to be here to introduce, hope to be of help. To learn more knowledge, the subsequent will be more wonderful content for everyone. Shenzhen light scaffolding
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