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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Socket scaffold is divided into several, bowl round button, button, button type belong to socket scaffold, one of the most popular on the market at present is button scaffold. So shenzhen button scaffolding which good? Button scaffold which is better? How to choose? Unlike traditional socket scaffold, button scaffold is a new type of socket scaffold, poling choose Q345 material, single vertical rod bearing pressure is big, but traditional socket scaffold - A chosen is Q235 material, strength is lower than Q345 - Some, so button scaffold bearing performance and security is higher. Another button scaffold better durability, surface hot dip galvanized anti-rust treatment, was made in the basic and most traditional socket scaffold is not to brush paint, compared the two, button scaffold obviously more is not easy to rust, more durable. Socket scaffold which is better? It is recommended to use button scaffold. Button scaffold spatiality, during the construction of traditional bridge support, most of the bowl the spacing in 1 of the scaffold. 2 meters, even to zero. 6 meters and 0. 9 m, which occurs at the site as the defects of the insufficient space sex workers after completion of the erection of supervision can't into the frame body acceptance among, or even a bad things out, button scaffold Q345b worksite is low alloy structural steel, improve the bearing capacity, enlarge a scaffold interval and spacing, thus expand the construction space and the supervision of the acceptance of the workers. Shenzhen button scaffold with new carbon structural steel production, high strength mechanical properties, single vertical rod load of 200 kn, even load again big considering the construction of the scaffold is not a - Two layers, so you must be aware of when setting reasonable setting between various components. Master disk button scaffolding requirements is very important, related to the stability and safety of the whole structure of the scaffold.
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