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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen tengda button scaffolding factory is a comprehensive manufacturer, set design, production and sales in the integration of the factory. Button scaffolding is mainly divided into support frame is divided into vertical rod and bar, diagonal, disk several parts, the process is welded and galvanized. Panel button button 1 scaffolding advantage and good safety scaffold using self-locking type connection plate and pin, pin plug on weight after can lock, and its lateral and vertical diagonal to make each unit are fixed triangular lattice structure, the frame body by horizontal and vertical force after will not happen deformation, and button scaffolding is a complete system, scaffolding and step ladder can have the effect of safety guarantee the stability of the frame body and workers, so compared to other laid the scaffold, the hook button scaffolding pedal promoted - make the safety of the shelf A highly. 2, long service life dish buckle scaffold is adopting hot dip galvanized surface treatment, paint out thoroughly and spray paint surface treatment, this not to drop paint is not rusty surface treatment in addition to reduce the high maintenance cost per capita, appearance is consistent, the atmosphere and beautiful silver also for engineering to promote the image. Galvanized surface treatment methods to extend the working life of the steel pipe to 15 For 20 years. 3, complete functional application of wide plate buckles scaffold with unified The 500 mm plate spacing, the collocation of the stud rail and diagonal and tripod can build into the bridge with different span and different section is supported, stage, lighting tower, bridge pier safety ladder, traditional bridge shuttering system bulky and applies only to specific specifications, limitations, button scaffolding set-up into different shapes can be different function template support, meet the demand of various types of building. Shenzhen tengda scaffolding factory produced conform to the safety production standard, there are a large number of large construction case, free custom construction scheme, solve engineering building problem.
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