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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Hot galvanizing disc type button scaffolding for high up much homework assignments, shenzhen tengda scaffolder in homework should be created in accordance with the provisions, use safety protective equipment and safe conditions of work, strengthening the protection measures, to prevent high altitude falling objects and falling. Specific as follows: 1, the erection should be unified command, coordination in the homework. 2, on homework personnel must wear a seat belt and rot. 3, placed in the rack, bar, should pay attention to prevent imbalances mishap. 4, build-up on the way, the rack may not be concentrated, Overload) Stacking bar material. 5, not set the first row of the wall before, should be properly set behind support to ensure stability and shelf rack homework personnel safety. 6, install heavy rod parts or poor operation condition, should a single operating separately. 7, make sure the size of the frame, vertical degree of bar, each node structure and degree of fastening comply with the design requirements. 8, the main body construction on the construction level and the lower three layers be put with scaffolding plank, when decorating, outside the frame scaffolding must be from the top down full shop, shop and take a side clearance shall not be more than 20 centimeters, can not have gaps and probe plate. Scaffolding meet tight, shelf in the corner should be cross lap. Scaffold board pad application block at ordinary times, and want to nail up, not brick pad. 9, bracing, even the wall and other holistic Rachel bar should be installed in time, increase with increasing shelf height to ensure the whole stability. 10, masonry with scaffolding laid in width shall not be less than 1. 2 meters, the height should be kept below the wall 20 cm, stent spacing shall not be greater than 1. 5 meters, bracket foot cushion block, and in the structure of the bearing. Set-up, double frame bracket must be aligned from top to bottom, scaffolds should be tied brace between solid, is allowed the erection. 11 and must adopt double row scaffolding, absolutely positioned single frame. Stud spacing shall not be greater than 1. 2 meters, the width shall not be greater than 4 m, and the four main rail should be adopted. 12, banning the use of material, specification and defects do not conform to the requirements of rod parts. Build-up or dismantled scaffold must be according to the special construction scheme, the operator must by the professional training, after assessment is eligible to operation certificate holder ( Special worker IC card) Mount guard operation.
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