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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Advantage of cantilever scaffold case cantilever scaffold: relative to the ground scaffolding, its superiority lies in the good economic effect and saving time limit for a project. Cantilever scaffold prospects: compared with ground scaffolding, high-rise building construction using cantilever type steel pipe scaffold can greatly reduce the cost of scaffolding, under the condition of large deep foundation pit excavation can also shorten the construction period. Compared with the ascent scaffolding attached type, cantilever type steel pipe scaffold using common parts directly cantilever erection of the steel pipe scaffold of the rod, don't need a lot of one-time investment, especially suitable for the status quo of the construction enterprise financial strain. Cantilever scaffold construction: construction, head of the unit project according to the requirement of the construction of the design and specification about the scaffolding, technical disclosure to set-up and use of personnel. The construction quality and safety and the following persons have close relationship. One is management personnel, mainly including: cantilever scaffold construction plan preparation, audit personnel, construction foreman, inspector, security officer is directly operating workers ( Scaffolder) 。 The inspector, hon, scaffolder must go through professional training, examination, and obtain effective working certificate, other management personnel shall have corresponding capability and similar working experience. Before the construction, management personnel construction plan should be to the workers so as to ensure construction safety. Scaffolding, personnel must be through the national standard 'special personnel safety technical appraisal management rules' the inspection qualified scaffolder. Before the erection, scaffolder training assessment, assessment qualified rear can mount guard. YanShouGuan strictly the materials. Cantilever scaffolding, need to use the following materials: channel steel, steel wire rope, anchor round steel, steel pipes, fasteners ( Including rotation, right Angle and docking fastener) , safety nets, scaffolding, iron wire, etc. All materials used must have quality assurance, which must be on channel steel, steel wire rope, round steel, steel tube and fasteners are focusing on. The first thing to check the factory certificate of channel steel, round steel, and steel wire rope and the related test report. If using the new steel pipe and fasteners, must have the factory certificate and test report. Second, must carry on the appearance inspection, such as geometry size and wall thickness is in accordance with the requirements, the quality have a doubt should conduct re-inspection, qualified rear can use. Channel steel, steel wire rope, round steel in principle requires the use of new parts, steel pipes and fasteners can use the old, but in order to ensure the bearing capacity and stability of the frame body, must meet the following requirements: (1) steel tube and fasteners shall not serious corrosion; (2) the steel tube wall thickness shall be not less than 3, the docking steel pipe end should level off; Today in addition to the steel pipe used as armrest, the rest of the steel pipe should be straight, can not have initial bending; M, malleable iron fasteners shall not damage. Does not meet the requirements of the material, should make corresponding identification in appearance, it is strictly prohibited for erection of cantilever scaffold. After the inspection of components according to the classification of varieties and specifications, neatly stacked, balance. Yards can not have water. Remove the erection site of sundry, flat ground and drainage unblocked.
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