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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Cantilever scaffold is one of the building to use simple facilities, divided into each layer, two multilayer cantilevers, cantilever scaffold is the use of building structure protruding from the edge of the cantilever structure to support the scaffolding, pass load all or part of the scaffold structure. Scaffolding is a landing the scaffold can be fixed on the ground. In two ways: 1, if your project is very anxious backfill or zero meters outdoor structure acceptance, which is the ground at the erection height is 11 m, namely the basement height and layer height, the sum from the top layer 1 or layer 2 structural plane began to build cantilever frame, frame body, 18 m ( Which have considered parapet height and insulation rail height) , so that the ground plane is dismantled and experience the benefits of after can be directly on the basement exterior wall waterproof and steps, such as outdoor backfill but disadvantages also obviously, a lot of cantilever beam, General is 16 # beams or channels) A one-time investment, and steel wire rope, U TAB of the one-time investment, the rest and the increase of artificial cost and time limit for a project of a certain delay. 2, if you don't try so hard, backfill, set-up to suggest a one-off, high total 30 m, but ChanLi rod double-row scaffold can be realized completely, can speed up the time limit for a project, save labor, but the downside is steel pipe fastener inventory is too large, use cycle is long. Probably that's it, concrete you according to your actual situation with the scheme. Scaffolding requirements: ( A) Set-up to ensure external trim, shelf project all pitched rectangle frame, bedding face flush, fill a platform frame in which architecture groove connected with the overall frame. Shelf waste to stay fixed point, ensure the position of the outer shelf level, stud spacing of 1. 5 m, 1 big bar spacing. 8 m, small bar spacing 1. Wide 1 0 m, the scaffold. 0m( Four boards) Lippi poling is 500 mm (from wall Lippi during construction frame and metope between tie a piece of board) 。 Shelf bedding face kung, stem from the bottom to do 58 kung ( Step five root poling, eight bar) For the double pole, kung, rod. Each post should be set at the bottom of the plate, the thickness of 5 cm. Must be set at the bottom of the horizontal, vertical sweeping bar, longitudinal rod sweeps the floor should be right-angle fastener is fixed, is apart from the plate epithelium is not more than 200 mm in the vertical pole, transverse rod sweeps the floor should be tied to sweep the floor close to the vertical bar at the bottom of the vertical pole. Stud must be reliable connection with the wall piece and architecture, even the wall of a vertical fixed in position, horizontal distance between each layer of ring beam roof for every three root poling a point. Poling and cross cover shall use docking fastener connection, docking fastener to be staggered, two adjacent stud connectors should not be set within the synchronization, synchronization across a vertical rod inside the two joints in the height direction of stagger distance apart not greater than 500 mm, the distance form the centre of the joint to the nearest node is not greater than 1/3 of the interval, which is 600 mm. The vertical bar at the top than 1 eaves epithelium. 5m。 Main rail longitudinal bar is located in the vertical bar inside, length is 6 m, with a docking fastener connection, connection should be staggered, cannot be in two adjacent rail joint synchronization or with cross inside, and horizontal stagger distance is greater than 500 mm, the distance form the centre of the joint to the nearest node is not more than 1/3 of the longitudinal spacing, which is 500 mm. Small wood bar row spacing of 1. 0 m, the scaffolding for tile butt strap, docking position to set up double row wood, spacing of less than 300 mm. Scaffolding plank end use wire or & amp; φ; 6 reinforced pressed firmly. ( 2) Set-up requirements: rigid connection points in each layer of roof beam position reserved, spacing of 6 m, embed pipe, make effective connection with fasteners and scaffolding. Protective measures: the scaffold from the ground more than 2 m, each step tied two insulation bar and a 18 cm high over the foot. The height must be at the top of the shelf more than parapet 1. 2m。 Scaffolding facade all adopt the small wire mesh densification. During the period of construction in building frame column frame tied two insulation bar and set on the shelf. Lightning protection measures: in the bottom of the scaffold pole steel pipe connecting the lightning conductor, introducing and buried deep underground. Grounding material all adopt the galvanized material, all connections using welding, lap length, round steel lap length is 6 times the diameter of the round steel, two sides welding, flat lap length is 2 times of the width of the flat steel, three sides welding, joint do anticorrosive processing ( Except in the concrete) , grounding resistance less than 4 & amp; Omega; 。 For external use elevator: external use elevators using goods two double cage the elevator. In order to meet the needs of structure construction and external decoration construction, should be installed outside the scaffold in high-rise building construction. At present, in the high-rise building construction in our country, using segmented hanging fastener steel pipe scaffold is widely used. Because of its special load transfer route and complex technical requirements, the safety of the personnel, construction quality, construction speed and construction cost as well as the adjacent buildings and ground has great influence, so the choice of suspension structure and the design and calculation of scaffold has a great influence. The use and management of construction, construction and has strict requirements.
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