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by:Shizhan     2020-06-22
Modern enterprises always face while building enterprise culture events, activities of the stage to a large extent affected the activity success or failure, in jiangsu company want to do stage it is important to find good early stage companies in jiangsu province, small make up the stage of knowledge and share with you. Stage is a place where personal charm and artistic, its design can directly affect the whole show, stage structures, also need to consider many factors, the specific as follows: NO. 01 factors light is key factor in the stage. Generally divided into indoor and outdoor activity site. If it is indoor activities, set up the stage should consider the specific location of lamps and lanterns. In addition to the convenience of optical and electrical connections, must also avoid unnecessary in the wire through the audience channel security hidden danger. Activities, if arrangements in the outdoors, the specific time must be a clear understanding, in the early days because the Angle of the sun, must be considered in order to avoid the stage backlight interference problem in photography and video work, second, if it rains, stage leakage problems must be considered. 不。 02 stage height factor stage height of the overall design is an important issue in the whole building stage, the stage set up, the need to adjust the stage height according to the length and width of the audience. As a result, the stage effect perfectly, the line of sight of the audience is more clear. 不。 03 overall design factors in many large-scale activities, just match the scene, there is not a perfect stage design, will directly cause the overall is not good, also for the subsequent activities show bring bad effect, give a bad impression for the audience. Stage, through the rational stage design, avoid the design of a single, boring, avoid unreasonable design, make the whole stage to be able to perfect administrative levels feeling and sense of design, strengthening the audience a full range of audio-visual experience, to enhance the audience impression of activity and the organizers.
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