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by:Shizhan     2020-06-22
How to do a successful stage truss manufacturer? First you have to have their own advantages, the products have bright spots. Awareness is a must, so that didn't have enough customers to ensure that your sales, so make sure the quality of the products, so that only have sales to promote the development of the company, so as to make optimal merit in the work ethic. Stage in the whole application stage truss, aluminum alloy truss is often used in a product, but also is very popular with customers. That's because aluminum truss stage is of high strength aluminum alloy material, 6061 - T6 welded together, because aluminum itself is relatively active metal component, it is easy to chemical acid-base attack from outside, after processing, make its appearance with a layer of oxide film, to prevent foreign materials truss corrosion effect on the stage. And their metal oxide film has changed the appearance and performance condition, such as appearance, color, progress and enhance the wear resistance and hardness, corrosion resistance, and other metal appearance. So to a certain extent, greatly alleviate the bad effects of factors such as bad weather brings, yes truss products to use on for a long time.
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