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by:Shizhan     2020-06-22
Jiangsu performing arts equipment, intelligent light products technology exhibition has a successful ending. As influential professional stage, lighting, Tokyo international audio show, the exhibition introduced nearly 500 famous brand enterprises strong exhibition, opened nine large professional exhibition hall, large door outside array tour exhibition, the peak light show experience hall, electric shock carnival total exhibition area of 10000 ㎡, roll over four days, the fair attracted nearly 50000 people, a record! Constant stage is also to shine in this exhibition, the exhibition site for heat, was invited to the exhibition to clients an endless stream, this exhibition of four new product is to seize person eyeball, attracting a wave of exhibitors. Perimeter array and peak as the exhibition shock light show support unit, witnessed the ninth year of the exhibition along the way, exhibition more and more high quality, various exhibitors and their products are also flowers, more saw the light stage the vigorous development of the industry! Besides large door outside array tour multidimensional listening will gather 20 domestic well-known audio brand enterprise, display product appearance outside array, new tricks, new experience! Two special outdoor stage, the stage of this exhibition by jiangsu Shizhan Truss co. , LTD. Offers, arranged all kinds of performance every day during the exhibition, as well as multidimensional experience helped wire array products perfect voice, ability, ornamental box process and structure of the products, can also enjoy the wonderful music feast of shock. Stage truss now more popular use aluminum profile, aluminum alloy profile features are: light quality, good bearing capacity, strong ability of oxidation resistance to environment, except, of course, some special corrosion. In general, truss used in indoor stage, less accept less sun truss and dismantling of wear truss can be used more than 10 years or 20 years, of course, after a long time to check the site of some easy to aging, the use of the specific time also should bear according to its bearing capacity and calculated the weight of the indoors for installing the general weight of truss with long time most.
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