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Jiangsu constant is metal remind you about the security problem to be reckoned with - stage frame Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-21
A sudden! The collapse of zhangzhou children dance audition a theatre stage, death 1 14 injured! According to zhangzhou development zone's official website, the propaganda department of zhangzhou development zone, on the evening of 25, zhangzhou development zone of golden daffodils theatre children dance audition event stage collapse accident, 15 people were injured. One of the children ( 13 years of age) After the rescue invalid, stopped breathing, the other injured are treated. So far, the involved companies, performance organizers of the relevant person in charge of the police has been controlled. Laughter had become the parents of aluminum alloy on the stage of grief. The life of a young so leave, can not help but let's reflection. Security no small matter, holding the heart everything. How to prevent accidents show that involves performance equipment and staff performance, safety standards, execution, supervision. Frequent accidents, alarm, the event will be triggered again performing arts equipment r &d and production engineering professionals in the field of the industry safety standards. Promote the implementation of heated debate, discussion, we should focus on the safety of the device stage performing arts. If the security question is not taken seriously, any a carefully prepared show will be a man-made disaster. Current our country is emphasized on safety production problems, every job needs fluctuation full time is in the security problem. Especially in the performance security, whether it is a big small and medium-sized activities, crowds gathered, various equipment. But need more departments cooperate with each other, and as a sound stage lighting the operation and management of each department must have foresight and response capacity on the security responsibility. So must choose public praise good stage truss manufacturer, so the quality of the stage and truss has safeguard. On security issues, the stage performance stage with qualified manufacturers, make your performance more safe.
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