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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen yantian scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine usually people in construction engineering, all need according to the corresponding construction specification for construction, construction technical specification including what then? Small make up will answer for you today, want to know the friend might as well and small make up take a look at some commonly used construction specification list! What a construction technical specification, including architectural design, construction and acceptance, construction survey technical specification, structure design specifications, inspection specifications, construction materials testing, construction safety technical specifications. Construction area of calculation, construction drawings, specification of the valuation and other construction related technical specification. 2, common construction of listing 1, the overall evaluation of construction quality acceptance of building engineering evaluation standard construction engineering construction quality acceptance standard 2, pile foundation engineering construction foundation pile test specification construction specification 3, foundation pit supporting pile foundation engineering construction of foundation pit engineering disciplines ( Zhejiang engineering construction standard) Regulations of building foundation pit supporting technology ( The standards' 4, when the facility engineering technical specification for concrete foundation of tower crane construction tower crane installation and use, remove the safety technical codes _A5 construction elevator installation and use, remove the safety technical regulations construction site temporary electrical safety technology standard of construction scaffolding safety technical standard 5, structural engineering concrete structure engineering construction of concrete structure engineering construction quality acceptance specification of mass concrete construction technical specification for concrete pumping construction of specification 6, waterproof engineering of underground engineering waterproof specification underground waterproof engineering quality acceptance specification building exterior wall waterproof engineering discipline small make up summary: above is the small make up to share what kind of technical specification for construction of building and construction engineering construction commonly used specification list, I believe you after watching the above share also has the corresponding understanding, hope that the above sharing can help to you, if you want to know more information, please continue to focus on Dr Ladder network website, small make up will be one by one to answer for you. Shenzhen yantian scaffolding
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