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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen 1 scaffolding manufacturer. Widely used: indoor and outdoor decoration, hotels, government, projects color tile steel structure factory building installation, equipment installation, etc. 2. High efficiency: flexible, fast installation, safe and reliable, without screws, achieve the efficiency of get twice the result with half the effort. Ascension and easy to transport installation, the overall performance is good, series of standardization. Reasonable production design is novel, USES the advanced arc interface, inert gas protection welding technology welding mouth resultant force is strong, the overall high density, surface smooth, galvanized, corrosion resistance is strong, the length of lead screw, pedal, tie rod, adjustable casters, caster and scaffolding accessories such as shenzhen factory is set-up, with the progress of the project completion is removed, however, its construction speed and efficiency, engineering quality and safety of the workers has a direct impact. If the scaffolding, not in time, will delay the progress of; Scaffolding, does not conform to the construction needs, the workers operation is not convenient, quality is not assured, efficiency cannot be improved; Scaffolding, weak and unstable, is likely to cause deaths and injuries in construction. Selection of scaffolding set-up, quality, structure, and so on, these factors must not be careless and sloppy, because it is too important role in the construction. Scaffolding demolition of construction technology in shenzhen: shenzhen scaffolding rental program shall comply with the top-down, after a first principle, namely, to tie down the first, scaffolding, bracing, brace, and then tear open a small bar, bar, stud, etc. ( The removal of general order: railings, scaffolding, bracing, small bar, bar, poling) 。 Shenzhen scaffolding build specification. Scaffold outside upright medial to the full closed with dense mesh type peace network. Federated eye network need to adapt to beg the tether will net around every 45 cm fastened on the scaffold tube. Building the first floor to set up the network, set up every three layer, operation layer consists of layer network. Adapt to quality should be used blanket net to plead with flat screen, and lashing fastened to burst. Do not leave.
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