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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen futian stairs engineering, security key to grasp the main is: shenzhen futian scaffolding, even the wall pieces, AnQuanPing nets, protective upstairs, such aspects as the reserved hole protection. First, scaffolding is a federated eye network, and the size of the stud, beams and fasteners and so on, so in considering the safety problem of scaffolding, necessary in a systematic perspective on; Second, the comparative analysis of all kinds of even the wall before, and find out the deficiency of the wall, but there is no further to explain its remedy; Today, even with the most widely used steel pipe fastener type wall pieces of shortcomings make a statement; La node coverage of more than 24 m scaffold is 27 square meters, with each layer of 3 m, each layer of each node distance may not exceed nine meters. Because after the main body construction, building and masonry engineering, masonry is more, in direct block masonry parts, even the wall a set according to the specifications set; In need to be at the bottom of the mortar pouring masonry under 20 cm can be carried out in accordance with the specification, also can increase the height of the embedded steel tube and Rachel appropriately the height of the pole to make it do not compromise the template pouring ( , of course, in the case of already embedded short steel tube, as shown in figure 1, you can use 'bullet' increase the height of the embedded steel pipes, finish pull node) ; When need pouring something such as balcony relatively high masonry, specification of embed pipe 30 ~ 40 cm of height is not enough, so there is a solution is to dismantle the original connection pipe, at the time of pouring slurry to embed a new pole, Rachel again third, AnQuanPing mesh is not too much to be said, most of the shenzhen futian construction enterprises use it as prevent object against a means, but ignored the essence of it to prevent falling, so AnQuanPing network, authors also just so so. Secondly, at the time of inspection, found that AnQuanPing online there are a lot of steel fasteners, it is through the first layer of federated eye network, but by the second layer of security cotton net lived; This reflects a problem is the security of cotton net mesh must be far less than the size of the fasteners, otherwise we are not not protection role. Certain safety technical measures are needed, but the strict safety management is also necessary, isn't falling steel fasteners scaffolder's responsibility? 吗? So after security just agreed in the contract: 'in the regular safety inspection, if discover shenzhen futian scaffolding with steel fasteners, punishment scaffolder labor party leader * * RMB, if discover AnQuanPing online steel fasteners, each penalty RMB * *, * * days those responsible to accept safety education, if found to have steel fasteners falling phenomenon, then replace the relevant person in charge. The fourth and final reserve protection and the mouth of the cave floor surrounding protection would have nothing to say, as long as each layer of pouring concrete after timely keep up with no problem. The last of the last, because there is no complete experienced a project, so it is impossible to put myself in your project all the questions are written, but still try to rethink is summarized, so not to finish a project, even couldn't say a complete architecture. Shenzhen futian scaffolding of higher security requirements, should keep relevant records.
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