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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen fuyong scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine buying from the building's attention will be relatively more, want to know the building law consciousness is thin, and a lot of things is easy to be ignored. Below small make up to introduce everyone to buy the building needs to pay attention to what problem. 1, the first thing you need to note that there are some building because of legal consciousness is thin, especially in the countryside, to the building construction drawings and project for these are must carry on the examination and approval of qualifications, however, whether this is related to whether the building successfully transfer problem, so before buying the house, the buyer will go to check the procedure qualification is complete, the legal. 2, second, some construction for safety consciousness is weak, the scaffold structures, instability occurs frequently, especially for mechanical easy worn parts, buried a safe hidden trouble, don't test at any time reinforcement and construction process is relatively easy to appear some corners phenomenon is very serious, some from the cement content less than 10% in building mortar, while the building this kind of problem is rare, it is not, so it is also take special care. 3, since the rural construction planning is there are some loopholes, since the building is not in accordance with the planning and construction, some farmers are influenced by the concept of feng shui, it will be building houses mountain catchments zone or is seeking the wind, once the flood will happen serious debris flow or landslides is the case, so the house is also carefully observed how the building location. 4, under normal circumstances, the housing to trade or sell must have two card, since even the rural building, also need to have same estate card and individual land USES card, rural after construction if have these two certificates can be commercial housing in the housing market as free trade. 5, and finally, to buy a house also need to conclude a sales contract in writing, and handle the examination and approval, the transfer formalities, such as the sale and purchase contract this is also need approval by the relevant functional departments, and handle the land certificate or renamed is collective land use right transfer formalities, also need to house property management department shall go through the formalities for transfer the name of house property card. Conclusion: about buying the building need to pay attention to what issues related to this, so when buying from building the above said these points and pay special attention to avoid late to bring some unnecessary trouble. Shenzhen fuyong scaffolding
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