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Jiangsu 'hardware' to upgrade the scaffolding, scaffolding, jiangsu province, button scaffolding, subway scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Jiangsu scaffold with traditional lifting scaffolding, scaffolding, cantilever scaffold, compared to the new scaffold on the safety, quality, performance, got the very big enhancement and improvement, mainly embodied in the following aspects: a faceplate, new scaffold on the stud welding, reduce the use of fasteners and lost. Time limit for a project in advance. Second, the new type scaffold with different specifications, strong commonality, meet the needs of the different room layout. Repeat utilization rate is high. Three, all components are metal frame body structure, and the traditional scaffold using Ann, wooden planks, bamboo and bamboo basketry is compared to fire performance is better. Four, traditional scaffolding set-up, using steel pipes, fasteners, Ann in the process of use and flow loss, damage, loss phenomenon is more serious, and new type of scaffolding all components are processed in the factory, to the construction site need to assemble, greatly reduce the intermediate links, control the cost effectively. Jiangsu scaffolding component size uniform, erection of scaffolding with standardization, standardization of characteristic, is suitable for the civilization construction. Tear open outfit is convenient, easy to transport and unloading.          

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