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Jiangsu liuzhou scaffolding installation of lamps and lanterns to do? Lamps and lanterns installation considerations - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen, liuzhou, scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine good household lighting brings not only the night light, but also can build sweet and comfortable home environment. The lighting of the bedroom experience is not only the quality of lamps and lanterns, is closely related to and installation of lamps and lanterns. Installation of lamps and lanterns is not a simple thing, also need certain skills. So, how to install lamps and lanterns to do? Install lamps and lanterns, the preparatory work first of all, we must carry on the construction preparation. Installation of lamps and lanterns on building structures should be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the construction acceptance specifications, construction of lamps and lanterns installation of formwork, scaffolding must be removed. The ground end cleanup, and the door is shut. Ready to cooperate with the civil work will be well kept, install the wiring of lamps and lanterns has been repaired, and measuring line. Operation process, first of all, familiar with drawings, according to plan, design and installation drawings do material on various aspects meet the design requirements; Then check the lamps and lanterns, all sorts of lamps and lanterns of various properties must comply with the design requirements and national standards, the manufacturer must provide the lamps and lanterns of assembling, installation instructions and the certificate of approval. Installation of lamps and lanterns, check the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns parts without mechanical damage. Wiring in the lamp wire insulation is good, no leakage phenomenon, the incoming light box branch connecting place can have no extra profits and wear. Wire insulation measures must be taken, not too close to the heat source, wiring do not appear, in accordance with the manufacturer to provide the wiring diagram of correct connection. Three, note 1 installation, installation of lamps and lanterns lighting using timber is forbidden, adopting embedded terminal block, hook, expansion bolts or screws, such as plastic plug to fixed. Fireproof heat insulation measures must be taken around 2, lamps and lanterns, try choosing cold light source. 3, lighting device on the insulation, the insulation of the conductor joint part of its needs in insulating surface. 5, must pay attention to the security problem, installation is major lamps and lanterns, must build scaffolding operation, and the giant of the big place lamp the measures to prevent splash down after the fracture, the tie at the top of the ladder, for smooth surface, it is necessary to consider anti-sliding measures, aerial work had better put on your seat belt, condole carries on the work room fire prevention measures must be done. Four, lamps and lanterns installation error 1 of lamps and lanterns, household lamps too much decorate some customers because of the limited budget, hope in the later through the light to make up for all sorts of domestic outfit is not perfect, the installation of too much light is the most common. Found that too much to shoot the light is not only a waste of electricity, but also hot. Install too much, in fact, shoot the light source is a bad choice. Aside to shoot the light of the degree of power consumption, safe hidden trouble, for much of shoot the light to have a lot of heat, home decoration products in high temperature environment for a long time, it is easier to cause fire. Table 2, droplight not harmonious, in addition to the design, style can appear many people's lives in the restaurant table and lamps and lanterns is not in the same center, no place to move table, can't move the light fixed. When selecting a chandelier, therefore, must first consider their own style, the layout of the furniture as well as the installation of the lamps and lanterns, suggest first selected big furniture, determine the size and then choose the lamps and lanterns. 3, corridor didn't install lamps and lanterns of the aisle did not set aside the position of lamps and lanterns is commonly seen in many household. Corridor is sitting room and the transition of each room, are generally poor lighting, the aisle properly install lamps and lanterns, not only convenient for daily life, also can let a corridor appear capacious. 4, bedroom didn't install some customers before decorate, since there is no thoughtful, bedroom only keep a switch, utter darkness one at night find when the switch is difficult. Pettitte remind during decorating, in addition to consider beautiful, practicality is very important also, next to the door and installation points of the head of a bed switch, convenient for daily life, especially for old people and children are particularly important. Lamps and lanterns is a beautiful and practical household items, due to the lamps and lanterns is installed on the top and involving electricity, so it is very important to ensure safety, installation of lamps and lanterns is one of the key link, don't ignore you! Shenzhen high scaffolding
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