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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen, liuzhou, scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine roof waterproof construction is an essential part of our in house decoration, the roof waterproof construction if there is no good words, lead to appear the roof leaking, cause certain influence to our normal jan, so do how many money a square meters waterproof roof, roof what do waterproof construction matters needing attention, this article is to introduce the below. Roof do waterproof roof waterproof and how much money a square meters how many money a square meters, according to difference of waterproof material and construction way also there are some differences in price. The traditional tradition of SBS modified asphalt coiled material on the market in 100 to about 500 yuan a roll, if the contractor package material, price at RMB 20 to 60 yuan / ㎡, probably material fee is around 60%, usually the price is in 20 to 30 yuan / ㎡ waterproofing materials for the national standard, adopted by the relatively poor quality. Note 1, roof waterproof construction roof do when doing waterproof construction, it is best not to rain in outdoor temperature below 5 ℃ or environment construction, which can cause the waterproof quality. 2, if the roof waterproof in very humid and ventilated environment construction, had better use ventilation equipment, accelerate the film-forming process of waterproof coating, to avoid affect the quality of the waterproof layer. 3, those who have a knot sand mucilage, never add water mixture again, otherwise will affect the waterproof effect. 4, the roof waterproof processing nodes need to be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, had better add a layer of glass fibres, enhance its waterproof performance. 5, in roof waterproof construction after daub sizing agent, must prevent pedestrians walking within 24 hours, at the same time can't wear high heels or be allowed to enter the waterproof layer. 6, for those who have completed the construction of the waterproof layer, but also to do the area of the protective layer, can appear the iron, steel nails, steel bar, scaffolding, etc with weight put on waterproof layer edges and corners, these items are more likely to have some sort of damage or wear on the waterproof layer. 7, the roof waterproof construction only after the waterproof layer is set to do other layer. 8, construction personnel in the waterproof construction need to be the corresponding protective measures, it is best to wear gloves and avoid coating on hands. Article summary: the above is how much money a square meter about doing waterproof roof and waterproof roof construction matters needing attention of related introduction, hope can let everybody understands the roof waterproof construction, let you have a comfortable and dry household space. Shenzhen high scaffolding
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