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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen longhua scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine starting from tomorrow, do a happy people to read, write, and travel around the world from tomorrow, care about family and friends I have a house, facing the sea, bloomy spring. Probably everyone is eager to live a haizi poetry to describe the kind of life, but the reality is often 'fall in love with a wild horse, but my home not grassland'. Don't know how many like me, after graduation, floating in the first-tier cities, live in rent house, pay the moonlight, wages and prices will never synchronization that buy a house, a car and a lottery luck, a class on the crowded subway crowded bus can crowd out his eyes, there is only one fun weekend home sleep, as if the day is so repetitive making do with in the past. But every time I see clean apartment pictures, strong heart was touched, and liked the other house is rented, but life is their own. So find a weekend, small changes. Looks like all the rental before modification, besmirch mottled walls, the ugly to the area of the plate is small, can't understand the model looks like after transforming the sitting room is very small, about 12, 3 ㎡, forcibly planning, rest area, the workspace, and a modelling wall, basic it is DIY, cost is also very cheap, can use, can't use should also be forced to use. Sitting room bedroom bedroom dugout bench coquettish modelling wall only a little more than 6 ㎡ area, a 1. 5 m basic no big bed room, even the wardrobe fit inside. And bought a similar scaffolds as hangers. Facts have proved very useful. Balcony DIY little thing lasts two days, the whole process cost 2 k left right, although can't change the surroundings, but first make their own little space, warmth, comfortable also is enough. In my heart. Is the meaning of life, even if a person, also or life of steaming, this life go on forever warm touched, let I firmly believe that their own living space clean and tidy, is respect for life. The dress is wonderful, you need to someone in the spirit of the appearance of the home is home. Shenzhen longhua scaffolding
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