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Jiangsu merchants scaffolding emulsioni paint construction common problem how to deal with? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen China merchants scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine family is decorated in emulsioni paint is essential to the construction activity, the following several problems that may occur against doing a simple analysis, help you better control over his decoration.>>> link: Dr Ladder to metope paint construction record all the why, emulsioni paint of paint film, peeling, flaking? Emulsioni paint construction temperature is low, failed to form a continuous film, cracks, water will fall off. Primary osteoporosis, such as the oil sewage, coating and adhesive at the grass-roots level is not good, cause peeling off. Grass-roots group of low blow be bored with child strength, putty layer is not completely dry or besmear brushs emulsioni paint. At the grass-roots level is too smooth, to cause the coating adhesion is bad. Crack of exterior wall latex paint coating why? Film-forming temperature of latex paint and cannot form a continuous film. Improper handling at the grass-roots level, such as wall cracking caused by coating cracking. Besmear brushs the first coating too thick and not completely dry coating of the second, because the internal and external drying speed is different, causing the coating cracking. Group of the cement in the scraping putty crack, cracking of coating. 3 why hair flower, emulsioni paint film, color is not uniform? Emulsioni paint have floating color, did not stir to mix well. Uneven thickness, construction technology of inexperience will cause color shades. To absorb uneven emulsioni paint colour and lustre is uneven. Excessive alkali at the local level. Scaffolding shade made parts on to besmear brushs emulsioni paint, coating weight and emulsioni paint color may different from large area can cause different color. Four, why emulsioni paint sagging? Too much water, make the low viscosity of latex paint. When besmear brushs emulsioni paint of paint film thickness. 3, construction environment humidity or temperature is too low. 4, spraying too close or not stir well before coating construction. Shenzhen China merchants scaffolding
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