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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen China merchants scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine in many consumer awareness, means to buy materials of environmental protection, low carbon home outfit to spend more money. Don't buy the environmental protection material can ensure the pollution-free decoration? Wrong! Studies have shown that decorate pollution mainly comes from decorating a process, so the key to achieve low carbon is good decorate construction of pollution control. Can spend less money, as well as low carbon environmental protection! Party good house act the role of real wood floor floor expert in the eyes of 'low carbon' decorate 1 pursuit of human and nature harmonious to improve comfort, vice President of the architectural design and research institute of guangzhou university and Dr Locatedon the express architectural decoration design engineering co. , LTD. Shenzhen office bright brilliance, MingGang several design experts said the first to advocate low-carbon household and the natural harmony, next also should pay attention to and the combination of the local culture. So in the design of low carbon home, the first thing to consider with landform of geographical natural conditions, such as in interior decoration design and make full use of effective space, big open is not recommended to build, avoid secondary waste, create multi-functional variable space as far as possible in the original structure. 2 increase natural ventilation and lighting energy saving design engineering company zong-min wu and professor of shenzhen designers MingGang, argues ms low carbon home outfit throughout from material, decoration design, decoration construction, the choose and buy installs all process, make full use of natural light, wind, solar, etc. , local materials, minimize the use of artificial light and air conditioning, reduce energy consumption, etc. , so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. 3 using waste materials to build creative space has become the characteristics of lingnan architecture decoration classic guangzhou qinghua fang, its beautiful architectural decoration effect have made a lot of people, however, host design professor zong-min wu said the wood used in the decoration is mostly adopted from the demolition of the old house the old wood modification, while in the process of machining is quite time-consuming, spent a lot of money, but compared to adopt new materials, made of old material adornment effect more means restoring ancient ways, more appreciation sex. Professor zong-min wu and Ming, guanghua, MingGang, Feng Yu designer said waste wood, furniture, with the rest of the PVC tube, scaffolding, etc. , are all can recycle the waste material. As long as the vision, outstanding creativity, can also will humble old material don't create innovative decorative effect, and also can save a lot of home outfit cost. Link: eight gorgeous Christmas decoration to your home joy everywhere in shenzhen China merchants scaffold
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