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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen merlin scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine wall fluor-carbon painting is used more frequently in recent years to decorate material, for wall fluor-carbon painting construction technology still has a lot of people don't understand, the durability of fluorocarbon lacquer is the best architectural coatings and weatherability, so wall fluor-carbon painting, construction technology is also very important below small make up just to give you details about wall fluor-carbon painting construction technology. A, 1, basic level processing construction process; 2, cutting seam frame; 3, thick putty ( It again) ; 4, hanging glass fibres; 5, thick putty ( It again) ; 6, fine son ( Two times) ; 7, primer ( It again) ; 8, paint ( Two times) ; 9, the paint coat ( It again) ( Except the metallic paint) 2, 1 basic level processing, cleaning, check the base level, there can be no oil and floating ash stained with dirt. 2, repair ( High fill the bottom) : will be obvious concave or convex parts marked with a marker pen, hole, with cement mortar added in advance, significantly higher than that of individual parts with sand mill grinding, with thick putty to get is not obvious. 3, to the free part of the drum, empty drum part should be broken, with fill putty repair level off again. 4, for small crack, the chisel into V, with a special elastic putty repair level off. Article 5, window edge of internal Angle straightness such as greater than 3 mm, special application of elastic putty to repair, repair before water wetting base level, and slope mouth should be outward. Three, base level examination ( By the professional construction technicians check the base level, mainly includes the following content) 1, with building detector instrument examination base surface flatness, squareness, allowable deviation. 2, visual base should be no obvious cracks, truthfully record. 3, with a rubber hammer knock on metope, raised for empty, if any, truthfully record. Four, record the window and the number and location of line is not required. 5, drainage pipe, scaffolding wall outside the pipe, air hole, feeding hole quantity parts, such as external drainage pipe should be installed in front of the paint coating fixed; For a variety of hole civil parties should repair as soon as possible, plaster must be real, and should be as flat as bedding face. 6, in order to assure the uniformity of color, external scaffold should not have to wear a wall pipe, tube against the wall, such as the need to reinforce the scaffolding, tube should be switched to wear a window, indoor reinforcement. 4, 1, fluorocarbon lacquer painting construction of base material handling requirements for base material with the general requirements of exterior wall paint, base material must be strong, resistant to water, pH < 10, water < 8%, no ash, no mildew spot, etc. , higher request is batch of ash layer must be waterproof, crack resistance, alkali resistance, strong, flatness < 2 mm, good construction, reasonable cost, durable more than 30 a. 2 construction procedures, fluorocarbon painting construction procedure is commonly: base material with -> batch of anti-cracking waterproof putty for the first time to batch of anti-cracking waterproof putty and the second time, number of polishing putty again to stick glass fiber crack network layer, can be polished from two-component putty, from PU primer, fluorocarbon paint twice. Five, fluorocarbon lacquer construction technology according to the different stages of construction procedures were introduced in fluorocarbon lacquer painting in the construction process. 1, base material handling: general buildings are concrete structure. CaO, cement are alkali chlorination carbide will happen, so as to destroy the wall. General maintenance and mature period of 26 d cement structure. After 26 d structure force, low alkali, moisture content decreased. Cement high pH absolutely not use acid neutralization, man-made destruction, this is the cement and exacerbate the radiant with saline. The second is to do waterproof processing. Water penetration is currently building paint out the root cause of the problem. On base material processing, we determined the following data, and record: pH < 10, water content < 8%. 2, alkali batch cracking waterproof putty: currently used fluorocarbon lacquer is one component of dry powder putty, or bi-component powder putty, does not have crack resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof function, the be bored with child after construction for fluorocarbon buried the curse. Therefore, this paper studies a kind of crack resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof putty. The putty good construction, filling, and material, have the functions of anti-crack and waterproof. Once we test the static waterproof function like this: good batch of putty dry the example of 3 d, drops of water on its surface, 3 g with cover glass, after 30 d and then there were two. 5 g water on its surface. Be bored with child usually emphasize the water resistant performance, construction putty for fluorocarbon lacquer must be more waterproof, because some fluor-carbon painting blister that is the root cause of the company. Fluorocarbon lacquer putty must have a slight elasticity, one-component powder putty is rigid structure, with long after cracking. Two-component putty coating is too thick, and curing does not reach the designated position, will crack, whiskering. Now see fluor-carbon painting project in different degrees of cracks, is this, anti-crack fluorocarbon lacquer putty twice, general construction must interval of 4 - per times 8 h, every times dosage of 0. 8 - 1公斤。 3, the polishing putty again: this time aims to improve the smoothness of be bored with child, at the same time improve the number of ash layer color consistency. 4, stick glass fiber crack network layer: fiberglass mesh has insect-resistant eat by moth, breathable, non-combustible, can waterproof, can cleaning, acid-proof alkaline, anti cracking, resistance to impact at the same time, the service life for more than 25 a. Crack stick a layer of glass fiber net, thus can protect the wall. Stick a fiberglass mesh general pressure buried method is more scientific and reasonable, good post and asked each must be attached together with wall closely, basically in the same plane, elastic moderate, dry more than 8 h. Above is the small make up today for everyone on wall fluor-carbon painting small knowledge related to the construction process, we will use later when painting can under reference. I hope it can help you. More information, in Dr Ladder network, stay tuned. Shenzhen merlin scaffolding
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