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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen ping mountain scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine construction has always been a very important industry, is a pillar of the national economy. Therefore every country attaches great importance to the development of construction industry. In this context, the application of scaffolding nature is very extensive. Do you know double row scaffolding specifications? Today let's take a look at the double row scaffolding, construction plan. A, the erection plan, choice of materials and specifications according to JGJ59-1 Set-up, 99 standards, the adoption steel pipe steel pipe size using phi 48 x 3. 5 mm, and use steel fasteners. 2, the size of the erection of 2. Set-up total height 1 meter for set-up, along with the construction progress highly beyond construction layer 1. 5 meters. 2. 2 set-up requirements, according to the actual situation, USES the double row scaffolding, frame body upright medial using federated eye network fully enclosed WeiDang construction safety. 3. Set-up first floor flat screen, 2 meters high layer increases with the increasing construction schedule set net, every 6 meters net between the layers. 2. Three structural requirements, stud spacing 1 a. Long, 5 meters, vertical bar for mat board ( 20 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm long pine) , use the steel base ( 1 cm x 15 cm x 8 mm steel plate) 。 Base the middle steel tube core, height is greater than 15 cm. Height from the ground 20 cm sweeping bar set the vertical and horizontal direction. Continuous setting in the inside of the stud, poling extension use docking, staggered, and joint height direction staggered over 50 cm, adjacent joint should not be in the same span. Joint is apart from the main rail junction with stud should not be greater than 50 cm. Can lap top stud, length should not be less than 1 m, two fasteners. Poling vertical deviation and 30 M high, requires no more than 1/200 of the high. B, big bar bar spacing control in 1. 5 m to hang a set net, the ledger in stud on the inside, each side overhanging length should not be less than 10 cm, but should not be greater than 20 cm. Bar extension to docking, contact the distance from the main contact should not be greater than 50 cm. C, little bar bar on the ledger, main rail length not less than 10 cm, small bar spacing: poling and main rail junction must be a small bar, scaffolding, 75 cm, and into the wall not less than 18 cm. D, bridging the scaffolding on both ends of the corner, and every six - in the middle 7 root ( 9 - 15M) Stud should establish a set of scissors. Bracing starting from the basis of continuous set along the scaffold height and width not less than 6 meters, the minimum across different 4, most across different 6, an Angle with the ground: across different 6 across 45 °, 5 across 50 °, 60 ° across different 4. Scissors after long poles need to lap, lap length not less than 1 m, use three fasteners uniform distribution, end from the fastener is not less than 10 cm. E, scaffolding should be put with scaffolding plank, it is forbidden to probe plate shall not be rugged, and to set up the foot, foot height of 18 cm. Spread from wall less than 10 cm. 2. Four body building and Rachel scaffold height above 7 m and each 4 m high, the level of every 6 m with strong Rachel buildings, inside and outside with 50 cm steel pipe. And added top bracing to sustain tension and pressure at the same time, ensure the connection between the frame and building strong, do not shake, do not collapse. 2. 5 drainage measures: ascend a can not have water, and drain. 2, 1, outside scaffolding scaffolding acceptance must be positioned by certified personnel, with the increasing of floor to check one by one and piecewise acceptance, height 9 m acceptance once, should do not conform to the requirements of rapid improvement. 2, scaffold outside the segmented acceptance should press JGJ59 - 99 'outside the scaffold inspection assessment' listed in the project and the content of the construction plan for inspection, fill acceptance record form, and erection of personnel, safety officer, the builder, the project manager, in order to delivery. 3, must have a quantitative acceptance of the content. Three, scaffolding, labor schedule 1, according to the number of project size and external scaffold erection of personnel, the number of clear division of labor and technical clarificaiton. 2, must be established by the project manager, the builder of set-up technology, safety personnel, personnel management institution, the build-up to the project manager responsible for, command, deployment, check the direct responsibility. 3, external scaffolding set-up and dismantling of must be equipped with enough support staff and the necessary tools. Four, external scaffolding, the safety technical measures of 1, outside scaffolding poling based outside should be dug sewers, in case of rain water foundation. 2, external scaffolding set-up in distance may not be within the safe distance of overhead line, and make reliable grounding. 3, scaffolding must timely maintenance, strong stability, in order to achieve to ensure construction safety. 4, bamboo scaffold outside the forbidden steel, steel-wood mix build, forbidden to buckle, rope, wire, bamboo mixed breeds contempt. 5, external scaffolding, personnel must hold relevant certificates, and the correct use of helmets, safety nets, wearing non-slip shoes. 6, strictly control the construction load, scaffolding shall not be concentrated feed, construction load shall not be greater than 2 kn/M2. 7, control fastener bolt tightening torque, using torque wrench, torque control in the 40 - 50 n。 M range. 8, it is strictly prohibited to scaffolding probe plate, laying scaffold board and multiple operations, should try to make the construction load transfer balance inside and outside. 9, to ensure the integrity of the scaffold and shall not be Rachel, along with the derrick, and tower crane shall not truncate the frame body. Five, external scaffolding demolition of the safety technical measures of frame before, overhaul feet down the hand. More about double row scaffolding, specifications and double row scaffolding, construction plan is a simple introduction to here, hope to help you. More information, in Dr Ladder network, stay tuned. Shenzhen ping mountain scaffold
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