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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen ping to scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine door window glass installed after how to guarantee its security and stability, including what considerations? With small make up. 1 a, door window glass installation. Door window frame, fan has ended, to install box filled with wall also has been completed. 2. Box, fan, etc as to meet the requirements of design drawings and assembly drawings. 3. The temperature at which the installation must be within the manufacturer's temperature scope. 4. Slit to the glass clean, without obstacles. 5. Glass tank to smooth drainage. 6. Glass has finished cutting, according to the requirement and transportation in place. 7. Glass surface with no moisture, dust, grease, oil or other harmful substances, and scrub clean. 8. Scaffolding has reached the requirement. Second, the door window glass installation point 1. Don't make the glass hit when installation framework, in order to avoid side and broken glass. 2. With serious peeling roughen by broken glass or edge cannot be used. 3. Glass bottom near the block any Angle or the horn side, this side should be moved to the top. 4. Block position should be in accordance with the requirements of drawings, cannot be moved. 5. Don't for welding in the vicinity of the glass, sand blasting, pickling, otherwise it will affect the glass strength and appearance. If you must, canvas or board material protection glass are available, and rinse with water immediately after pickling glass. 6. If the paint, concrete, gypsum, plaster, or other similar material stick on glass surface, shall be immediately washed with clear water or the corresponding solvent, otherwise you will have on glass surface erosion. 7. Shall not be scraped with good thing touch the membrane surface of the coated glass. 8. Pay attention to the clearance between glass and metal frame. Three, doors and Windows installation acceptance 1 glass. Contractor shall provide design documents, design modification file and material substitution. 2. Provide a thick piece of glass factory certification and processing glass factory certificate. 3. Provide installation self-inspection record. 4. Provide normal physical life guarantee of quality. 5. Glass cosmetic requirements will be subject to national standard. 6. Installation direction should be the correct glass, coated glass coating on one side should be toward the interior. 7. Glass should be installed firmly, rubber strip and sealant should be set with dense and filling is flat and level. 8. Acceptance should be comprehensive check appearance quality, engineering quality is given priority to with sampling inspection, sampling number was 5%, but has grown two millimeters shall not be less than 3. Shenzhen ping to the scaffold
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