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Jiangsu province in southern China's scaffolding building construction procedure is - how Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen in southern China's scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine house prices so high now, so many people decided to back to rural building, many people may think their building will have trouble, in fact as long as know the order of the building and process, is not that difficult, below small make up on how to introduce the construction steps of the building. , building construction procedure is how the building began to be familiar with construction drawing, of basis of cushion layer construction, the main body of stents, began to build main body engineering, masonry engineering, plaster, outside the frame of the house demolition, start for the roof decoration, indoor the condole top of the roof, the last is transfer to dismantle transform, various kinds of water and electricity lines, it cover the buildings. 2, 1, building what must pay attention to the cast-in-place floor slab with the development of the economy, now the rural residential floor are usually using cast-in-place structure. Site casting should note: when placed plate steel plate to top and bottom steel evenly placed according to the distance of design. In the process of binding reinforced by trampling usually under the top plate steel curved, before pouring concrete top plate reinforced position must be correct. Bottom reinforcement steel at the end of reinforcement with around 30 mm size pebble pad air, make steel and template have corresponding space, prevent the bottom of the plate exposure. 2, wall wall in the home is bearing structure and maintenance. Outside wall has outer scaffold holes left by Rachel, be sure to stop up the hole brick and other first before painting, with cement mortar after paint, easy ooze water or the region. Masonry should break up and down inside and outside, and build by laying bricks or stones, adopt suitable a skin brick ding the way a skin brick masonry alternately, mortar masonry mortar joint should be full, head seam is full, there shall not be shining brilliantly. 3, the timing of the demolition of cast-in-place structure template support cast-in-place structure template support must be in cast-in-place reinforced concrete reaches a certain intensity can be removed. Cast-in-site reinforced concrete cantilever structure is typically 100% to dismantle ( Usually more than 28 days) 。 Conclusion: the above is the small make up an introduction about the building what is the entire contents of the construction procedure of, for your reference, the hope can give to friends for help. After we finish see also understand! If you want to know more information, please a lot of focus on Dr Ladder network, Dr Ladder network will provide you with more information, more detailed and updated information. Shenzhen in southern China's scaffolding
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