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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Shenzhen in southern China's scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine as people's economic level rising, so we also to the requirement of housing is constantly improving, especially in our country in recent years more and more users start to decorate the house. When it comes to the decoration of the house, we cannot but speak when decorating, must use the tools, that is every scaffold. Common scaffolding is suitable for the low floor or indoor construction and decoration, while in large construction site, every scaffold is ubiquitous, it is the important tool of site construction, every scaffold scale, the function is strong, its safety is particularly important, therefore, need special attention in the process of the erection every scaffolding, specification, also cannot careless. Today, I mainly introduce is every scaffolding, specification, hope to be able to help to have the needs of friends! Every scaffold price every scaffold 10 ~ 49 meters price is in 599 yuan, 3. 6 meters of interior wall decoration not calculated the scaffold, and the interior wall masonry scaffolding as stipulated in the scaffold in the calculation. Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different region, and of course the price also will be different. If you want to know more related price details, please refer to our local dealers. Every 1 scaffolding calculation rules, the level of protection, according to the actual deck level projection area computation. 2, vertical protection frame, according to the natural ground level ground to the top layer bar positioned between the height, multiplied by the actual length of the erection, calculate with square metre. 3, masonry silos scaffolding, regardless of monocular or bunker group are calculated by monocular outside perimeter, multiplied by the design outdoor floor to the bunker flowing between height, calculate with square metre. 4, water storage, Smoke) Pool of scaffolding, according to the outer wall circumference multiplied by the outdoor floor to the top of the wall between height, calculate with square metre. Five basic scaffolding, large equipment, according to its shape Zhou Changcheng height between floor to the top line shape, calculate with square metre. 6, aerial transport scaffolding, according to the erection of the length to the factor is calculated. 7, chimney, water tower scaffold, and the difference between different height to calculate: elevator well scaffolding, according to the single span to calculate: ramps difference between different height to calculate. Every scaffold cost calculation rules of the high floor has 10 m is calculated according to and the scaffold, More than 3. 6 m is calculated and) , 3. 6 ~ 5. 2 m calculation is a basic layer, more than 5. 2 m, according to the ( Floor height - 5. 2m) 1. 2 m calculation, the remainder is greater than zero. 6 m is a layer of more. Computational method is calculated according to indoor net area ( The ground) - - - - - This is to calculate ceiling engineering scaffold. Some people think that calculate and scaffolding, metope engineering need not calculate the scaffold, I don't agree with, so the metope of engineering is a ( 3 original metope. Within 6 m, to paraphrase wall cylinder activities scaffolding) , due to the height of 10 m, I think the other computing a single scaffold ( According to the wall area computation, deduction of Windows and doors hole) 。 Before every specification 1, the erection of the scaffold erection, inspection on bar accessories, specifications and quality not qualified parts shall not be used. 2, scaffolding rods can not be used of steel and wood, steel bar must use qualified fastener connection, shall not be arbitrarily use galvanized iron wire, etc. 3, in the process of the scaffold erection, there must be a unified command. Around 4, building scaffolding, should start with an Angle, to both sides extends its set-up, circle stud according to locate a stand, and connected to the longitudinal and transverse rod and the fixed, then the first step in installing the horizontal and vertical pole, then correction should be fixed after poling vertical, set-up shall be conducted in accordance with this step, the next link intersecting end protruding parts shall not be less than 10 cm. 5 need laid necessary scaffolding, scaffolding for workers operation, scaffolding must be temporary fixed, workers must wear safety helmet, to hang the safety belt, furnish the heavier dry accessories when not one person, need to cooperate with people, so as to avoid accidents. 6 set-up for dry parts set up in order not to be, the architecture design of random change, really need to be modified, be sure to communicate with technical personnel, for technical personnel after verification, the research to make a decision. 7, the scaffolding operation in the end you need to set up two protective railings and highly in the 200 - meter feet, side also hang buy to close eye safety net. 8, the position of the top and bottom rail extension to stagger the distribution, and with adjacent pole distance not greater than 1/3 of the longitudinal spacing. 9, one row of rail are kept in the same level, if there is deviation, deviation is not greater than 1/250 of the length of the whole piece of scaffolding, and no more than 50 mm. 10, adjacent to the ledger should be staggered in the side of the vertical bar and lateral distribution of the docking fastener opening direction should be doing or to set up. 11, when the operational layer construction, the operational layer below need to hang a large safety net. Edit summary: every scaffold construction plan design penetrating. Each frame has a very detailed calculation. The calculation precision requirements of every way. So every scaffold construction scheme by a lot of public attention. A number of solutions, it is for the whole project to reduce a lot of unsafe accidents. Every scaffold construction plan from start to completion, construction supervision. The above problems suggest that every scaffold construction plan is worthy of our recognition. Shenzhen in southern China's scaffolding
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