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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Chongqing road in shenzhen baoan district fuyong street fulda plant no. 3 floor, there's a scaffold for sale. But scaffolding classification, must first understand the scaffold has many branches, such as: aluminum alloy scaffolding, button scaffolding, scaffolding, bowls button fastener type scaffold, gantry scaffolding, etc. , shenzhen tengda security can be sold at lease. According to the site condition choose different scaffold, some narrow place with unit width, place larger with double wide, shenzhen architecture are generally free personalized, so recommended to buy dish of button, the scaffold is modular design, can free combination, satisfy the different building. Buy shenzhen scaffolding acceptance was conducted according to the design and related regulations. Best according to standard, head of the site, or the government standard acceptance. Main content: (including those issues 1) Scaffold materials and components conform to design and specification requirements. ( 2) Scaffolding, vertical rod, bar, scissors, support, brace, spacing and column verticality deviation whether meet the requirements of design and specification. ( 3) Each member connected to the structure of fixed part is rigid, whether meet the requirements of reliable safety. ( 4) Large lightning protection and grounding safety protection of the scaffold, as well as the safety device is valid. ( 5) Support of foundation treatment, no matter whether it is positive, is real, safe and reliable. ( 6) Also check the material have to cut corners, for example, the thickness of the tube wall, parts are rusty, whole scaffolding maintenance? These companies sell scaffolding, is there any certificate, quality, certification and report. Welcome to shenzhen tengda security technology purchase, shenzhen fuyong site to see goods, quality assurance for 30 years.
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