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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen qingshui river scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine way of building form, building a lot now, so the building beam type also many, mainly include floor frame beam, roof frame beam, box beam, the frame beam and cantilever beam, the types of tic-tac-toe beam and so on, across a number of these beams are have some differences, many insiders will confuse them, especially the frame beam and cantilever beam it more difficult to distinguish the two kinds of type, the cantilever beam frame beam? Let below small make up together to get to know and have a look. One, the cantilever beam is frame beam and cantilever beam is not the frame beam, the cantilever end of the cantilever beam is no bearing, its load is depend on the stress of the cantilever beam root to complete, and frame beam is directly the place above the frame column, beam itself is bearing, belongs to the existence of the secondary beam, beam, still can be placed above the elevation and section size requirements are different. 2, 1, frame beam construction should pay attention to what should be strictly carried out in accordance with the construction process to frame beam during construction is a rigorous process flow of the process, must undertake in order, namely to scaffolding, surface treatment and cleaning, such as Angle positioning joint processing, and then do welding flat steel bar, configuration, structure construction such as glue, type adhesive glue, and then to hang steel mesh cement mortar to protect the process. 2, should conform to the stipulations of the relevant size frame beam in the design, have strict requirements to all aspects of the size, especially the Angle is fixed on the surface of concrete, the need to set aside a certain number of mm gap, this is mainly in order to fully ensure the effect of bonding, on both sides of the position of department also need to reserve the glue nozzle. 3, sealing side top can't closed frame beam around are generally adopt structural adhesive for sealing side, needs in the glue when there is a vent, so cannot be closed at the top position, convenient exhaust. Edit summary: that's about cantilever beam frame beam is introduced, hope to give you some small make up to share the content of the reference, if you want to learn more relevant knowledge, to focus on our Dr Ladder network information. Shenzhen qingshuihe scaffolding
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