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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Here we mainly put forward four proposals. ( 1) Workers must be standing on the temporary set of scaffolding on homework. ( 2) Demolition work, it is forbidden to use a hammer and other hard hitting, pry. Remove the connecting rod should be in a bag, lock arm should be passed to the ground and in storage. ( 3) Removing connection parts, should first will lock the lock plate, and the lock on the toggle hook of the transferred to the open position, and then began to remove, are not allowed to be hard to pull, it is forbidden to knock. ( 4) Remove the door frame, steel pipes and fittings, and shall be bound and mechanical lifting or derrick transmitted to the ground, to prevent the collision, it is forbidden to throw. Responsibility is more important than mount tai, In the use of scaffolding in shenzhen, we need to responsible for no one life, we need to have a high sense of responsibility! Shenzhen scaffolding demolition shall be convened by the project leader before relevant personnel to the project to conduct a comprehensive inspection, verification and safety technical disclosure to confirm that building has finished, it is not need scaffold before being removed. Down the scaffold before, should be retained on the rack body materials, sundries such as clean and tidy. Scaffolding demolished to envision how good demolition scheme, general order: safety federated eye network, hand, foot, foot even wall rod, tie rod, bracing, joists, big bar, small bar, stud, board according to the top-down first break after take away down the forbidden and at the same time homework first shall not adopt any step type or take section, division surface dismantled. All scaffolding removed one by one, even the wall rod should with scaffolding in shenzhen area, it is strictly prohibited to remove the wall rod with the whole layer or layers after the demolition of frame body; Dismantle the wall bar at the same time should be set up temporary wall bar reinforcement. Break down after all components should be layered and segmented downwards transfer, are not allowed to throw at random. Tear open come down to the steel pipes, fasteners and other materials to the ground, shall, from time to time, according to the varieties, specifications and tidy, with reasonable care. 1, scaffolding demolition project, demolition shelf should be working in the row or a rope tied around the fence or warning signs the ground should be designated persons command bar workers. Et 2, shelves, the height of the working personnel shall helmet and fasten your seat belt, according to the steps to dismantle scaffold in shenzhen, forbidden to wear soft shoes, in order to prevent slippage, they must wear labor insurance shoes. 3, demolition order should follow the top-down, to build after the demolition, after put down first, the principle of first break edge bracing, brace, then small bar, bar, post, etc. , and based on the principles of a clear step, in turn, is not allowed to demolition and at the same time. 4, tear open poling first rose bar button to remove the last two, break down large die rod, brace, bracing, should first open the middle button, and then hold the middle, and end button. In the above, is dismantled scaffold of conventional methods in shenzhen area.
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