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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen rock scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine electric basket of power from electric basket special-purpose hoist up and down. Before installation, first of all, check the electric basket dedicated elevator when the light is normal. Operator relative hanging basket must be safe and reliable with seat belts. Let's go to electric basket of knowledge. The composition and working principle of electric basket electric basket is mainly composed of suspension platform, hanging mechanism, hoist, safety lock, safety rope, wire rope and electric control system and other parts. Construction hanging basket's electric hoist mainly through manual or electric chain hoist alternately to lifting activities and the fixed frame. From the perspective of a mast structure, activity and can be up and down relative motion between fixed frame, when the scaffold work, activities and the fixed frame attached bolt and the wall anchorage, no relative movement between the two aircraft. When scaffold need lift, activities and fixed frame of a frame anchor on the wall, still use the chain hoist to lift another shelf, the effect of relative movement between two. Through the activities and a fixed frame attached to the wall alternately, lifting each other, step by step a hole on a scaffold can be along the wall. Electric basket system daily maintenance, elevator maintenance and maintenance. 1, keep clear of in time work on the wire rope adhesive cement, coating, adhesive, avoid holding rope hoist is damaged or scrapped. 2, check any loose strands wire rope, burr, die bending, the local defects, such as to avoid spoiling the rope. 3, often ascending closed surface dirt, avoid into and out of the rope into the mouth of sundry, the parts damage. 4, no-load running stick before operation, pay attention to check there is no ring and peculiar smell. 5, homework properly cover, to avoid the rain intrusion, groceries, etc. 6, found work, Have a sound, smell, abnormal high temperature, etc. ) Situation, immediately stop using, please professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. Second, the safety lock repair and maintenance, keep clear of in time safety rope. 1 adhesive cement, coating, adhesive, blockage inside the lock parts, to avoid the safety lock failure. 2, pay attention to the protection measures into the rope mouth, avoid debris into the lock. 3 the surface dirt, keep clear of in time lock. 4, homework to do a good job of protection, prevent the rain, such as debris into the lock. 3, 1, cable repair and maintenance after installation, the surplus of steel wire rope tied into a disc, and 20 cm above the ground. 2, often check the surface of steel wire rope, clear in time to dirt, timely discover and eliminate local trend of defects. After 4, 1, job structure repair and maintenance should be timely clean surface dirt, cleaning do not use sharp instrument fierce recklessly, pay attention to protect the surface. 2, check the fittings and fasteners, often found loose to tighten in a timely manner. Five, the electrical system maintenance and maintenance, electrical box 1 to keep clean without sundry, shall not put the tool or the material into the box. 2, often look for loose electrical connectors, and tighten in a timely manner. 3, the overhang of power cable tie on the suspension platform structure, avoid direct tensile plug location. 4, to avoid electrical box, limit switches and cables hit from outside. 5, homework finished, switch power, in time, the door is locked the appliance, and properly cover the electrical box. How to correctly use electric 1, before each work hanging basket safety lock, safety lock must be to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including solid lock rope distance whether accord with a standard, electric basket bottom elevation difference on both ends is in line with the standard. If does not accord with a standard resolute don't allow my homework. 2, more than the safety lock calibration period should be timely after back to manufacturers to conduct a comprehensive maintenance and calibration again, its calibration period for 1 year. 3, without permission, shall not, without damage or forcibly open safety lock. 4, in the process of rising or falling, checking whether work on both ends of the rope is in the central safety lock wheel groove bottom. If not, will affect the safety lock lock rope Angle, should stop lifting, adjust the electric balance weight in the basket, the horizontal level. Adjust before he can continue to lift. 5, the safety rope must be stretched straight, usually take on binding object the method of iron. Conclusion: the above is the small make up with all of you know electric basket maintenance essentials, friends to learn? After electric basket is broken when friends don't have like a cat on hot bricks, for more information please focus on Dr Ladder network. Shenzhen rock scaffolding
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