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Jiangsu safety which is recommended by the engineering safety construction aluminum alloy scaffolding? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffolding is also called mobile operating platform, is one of the indispensable aerial work equipment in engineering construction. Happened recently whether workers from more than 1 m high fell off a ladder leading to death, or a construction site at the top in guangdong longchuan scaffolding collapse accident killed 8 people were wounded, 1 how much blood lessons in warning the general engineering, safety construction must choose good quality, high security capacity of scaffolding, which is why safety will be released in shenzhen city construction engineering safety civilization construction standard file. Aluminum alloy scaffolding parts include: in the file. 1. 6' x2' Side brake caster and 2. Four horizontal aluminum frame 3, 1350. Four horizontal ladder aluminum frame within 4, 1350. Drawn tube 2000 level 5. Suspension pipe 6 2205. Type 610 x2000 assembly step 7. 610 x2000 window pedal 8. 1350 aluminum fence nine. 1350 x2000 skirting board 10. Type D snap effectively and quickly on aluminum alloy scaffolding maintenance steps: first, when aluminum alloy scaffolding accessories bent, should first to straightening deformation and repair of the damaged components first, to make sure it can be normal use in the construction. Second, will use aluminum alloy scaffolding shall promptly ( Including the corresponding accessories) Back to the branch warehouses, classify and store. When stacked in the open, to ensure that the storage field leveling, good drainage, equipped with support pad, and covered with waterproof fabric, accessories, components placed in the interior. Third, aluminum alloy scaffolding, material is aluminium alloy, not rusty, so after each use, simple clean can put down the warehouse stores. Although not rust, but had better not long time where humidity is more than 75%.
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