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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen sakata scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine scaffolding refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Architecture of the generic term, refers to the construction site in exterior, interior, or higher storey height can't construction directly. So, cantilever scaffold erection specification? And what of the cantilever scaffold specification? Let's take a look at cantilever scaffold construction scheme. Cantilever scaffold erection specification 1, disposable cantilever scaffold should not be more than 20 m. 2, steel cantilever appropriate USES biaxial symmetry beams. 3, the cantilever beam section height should not be less than 160 mm, the anchoring steel TAB or u-shaped steel anchor bolt should not be less than 16 mm diameter. 4, using structure of wire rope rings HPB235 level bar, should not be less than 20 mm diameter. 5, the length of the cantilever beam should be according to the design and calculation, fixed length should be not less than 1 of cantilever length. 25 times, u-shaped steel TAB or anchor bolts shall be embedded to liang plate bottom reinforced concrete position. 6, anchor position set on the floor when the floor should not be less than 120 mm, less than 120 mm reinforcement measures should be taken. 7, cantilever beam in general to 2 m, local cantilever shoulds not be more than 3 m. Cantilever scaffold generally has two kinds: one is on each floor, will stand at the bottom of the rod end on the floor, building parts, such as beam or the wall tilted outward after fixation set-up put rail, scaffolding plank formation in the upper layer construction, construction of a tall, after being transferred to the upper, erection of scaffolding again, providing a layer construction; Additionally one kind is multilayer cantilevers, the scaffolding of overall height can be divided into several segments, each segment erection height no more than 20 m, cantilever beam or cantilever rack is used as a scaffold base cantilever erection of scaffolding every block, this method can be used to build more than 50 m scaffolding, cantilever scaffold facade must full set of scissors. Cantilever scaffold construction scheme, construction scheme 1, the cantilever scaffold must prepare special construction scheme. Solutions should be design calculation, Including the overall stability, the stress of the support bar) , targeted stronger, more specific disassembly scheme and safety technical measures shall be built, and draw a plane, elevation and different detail drawing. 2, special construction plan, including design calculation must be approved by enterprise technical director have signed it and affixed their seals to the construction. Second, the cantilever beam and the body stable 1, pick overhanging beam or cantilever rack should actively adopt steel or finalize the truss. 2, cantilever payments or cantilever fixed frame with embedded structure, installation comply with the design requirements. 3, pick to erect stem and cantilever steel connection must be fixed, prevent slippage. 4, the frame body and architecture structure of rigid Rachel, according to the horizontal direction is less than 7 m set one node, and vertical direction is equal to the height body edge and corner 1 m range must be for a node. Three, scaffolding pick layer put with hand, foot foot hand piece shall be in not fine in 18 # lead wire twin parallel tie not less than 4 points, requirements and firm, junction level off, without probe plate, leaving no gaps, foot hand piece should guarantee the intact, the damaged change in time. Fourth, the uniform load construction load pile up, not more than three. 0 kn / m2。 Construction waste or unused materials must keep clear of in time. Five, disclosure and acceptance 1, pick holder must be in accordance with the special construction scheme and design requirements build-up. Set-up and solution of different actual, must with the approval of the department for examination and approval of the original scheme, and to do a good job of change plan in time. 2, pick a demolition must be targeted safety technical clarificaiton, before every ride a pick frame subject to disclosure, disclosure both sides signature formalities. After 3, each pick frame build-up, organize acceptance by the company, good content, and put into use before they hang a qualified brand. Inspection personnel shall sign the acceptance certificate, data archive. Six, picking rack bar spacing interval shall not be greater than 1. 8 m, horizontal stud spacing is not more than 1 m, longitudinal spacing is not greater than 1. 5M。 Seven, the frame body protection 1, pick the outside must be certified by the competent department of construction of qualified dense mesh type safety net closed enclosure, safety net with not less than 18 # lead wire hang tight. And safety net should be hung in the pick of erect stem, network may not be on the outside of the bar. 2, pick and building span is greater than 20 cm, laying standing people. In addition to pick outside, set construction layer 1. 2 m high protective railings and 18 cm high kicking bar, pick the side meet with limb ( Such as the big bay window, door, etc. ) When, also should undertake the corresponding protection. Eight, protective pick frame work between layers and the underlying application qualified safety net or take other measures to block enclosed protection. Nine, scaffold material 1, steel tube scaffold should choose 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness. 3. 5 mm of A3 steel, the surface level off is smooth, no rust, crack, delamination, indentation, and hard to bend and new steel pipe factory certificate. Should be done before erection of shelf maintenance, cleaning and uniform color, beautiful color to the environment. 2, steel pipe scaffolding fasteners should be consistent with the requirements of steel tube feet hand fastener standard by the ministry of construction, a fastener production license, specifications and steel pipe matching, using malleable cast iron, can not have crack, forging defects such as porosity, shrinkage, sand holes, and should level off, flexible activity place, grip the pole when opening the minimum distance of not less than 5 mm. 3, steel appropriate USES number A3 steel channel or beams. Above about cantilever scaffold erection norms and cantilever scaffold construction plan is a simple introduction to here, hope to help you. More information, in Dr Ladder network, stay tuned. Shenzhen sakata scaffolding
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