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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen sakata scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine heat preservation material what are rock wool, rock wool do well in waterproof, anti-aging, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, is ideal in terms of sound insulation and stability. It is mainly the natural minerals as main ingredient, mix soda ash, borax etc chemical raw materials melting into glass, with the aid of the external force blow type flocculent dumped into fine fiber, has good heat insulation, sound absorption performance. Rubber and plastic heat preservation: its anti-aging performance is very good, durable. How to correctly select heat preservation material 1, want to choose a good thermal insulation material, the first thing to see how its features, usually the smaller the coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat preservation, the better. Also depends on the thermal insulation material used by the environment, choose suitable insulation materials according to environmental factors. 2, heat preservation material when the choose and buy, and see how the material quality, heat preservation material is light in weight, heat insulation, waterproof effect is better. 3, second, thermal insulation material to prevent seepage, water proofing property is better, even if the suction surface moisture make sure won't impact on insulation efficiency. 4, a really good quality insulation material does not contain organic substances, because the material is likely to appear in the environment of high humidity rot, mildew, snake and devastating damage. What are the precautions for insulation construction 1, door window frame on metope, embedded parts, design of storm sewer card, through walls and other equipment after the installation, should set aside out the thickness of the insulation layer; 2, construction to determine the scaffolding structures and conform to the specifications, is safe. 3, construction cannot be lower than 5 ℃ environment temperature, wind don't more than 5, the wind speed is not more than 10 m/s. Heat preservation material construction way with plaster, paste, four kinds of cast-in-situ method, interior wall insulation paste method construction in general. 4, joint level off, need to grind the surface of insulation board. 5 there is crack, the use of styrofoam filled in. 6, if necessary can call solid anchor bolts. Small make up summary: above is about the heat preservation material what are the related content, believe everybody understand! Indoor decoration heat preservation material a lot of kinds, you can undertake choosing according to the needs of decoration. Shenzhen sakata scaffolding
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