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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Along with the economic development by leaps and bounds, and buildings such as frequent emergence of people's life, scaffolding, but the construction industry is a dangerous job, that how to avoid the happening of the accident? You can use our shenzhen scaffolding, it composed strong, low cost, easy tear open outfit advantage such as used in the construction industry is more, it can make workers around the materials used in won't like old scaffolding in what will go down from the scaffold material, it is very inconvenient manpower and material resources in the consumption of which will extend the time slowly, like the above said, is it convenient to tear open outfit, if you have touched when looking for a job where it can move its design is reasonable, to construction workers provides a convenient way to work, on the site using it not like the traditional construction site very dirty debris, it is environmental protection can also reuse, shenzhen scaffolding makes the workers work can let you worry, the shenzhen scaffolding will wind the steadfast feeling, a sense of security in your side. Completed building scaffold has no one to dismantle, will bring a lot of trouble to community residents, one is afraid of construction scaffolding could become a thief by entering a tool; 2 it is afraid of construction scaffolding fell loose parts pedestrians; Three is the construction waste into a mountain, and inside the construction scaffolding not dismantled, garbage QingYunChe cannot enter. Residents hope the relevant departments will pay attention to this matter, if after the construction completion, the contractor, once these steel scaffolding demolished buildings, residents fear to eliminate hidden dangers. Finished, the building scaffolding should be dismantled, lest produce unnecessary trouble! 1 demolition work should be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; 2 must be demolished with scaffolding step by step, even the wall is strictly forbidden to connect a whole wall layer or layers of demolition and then dismantle scaffold; Segmented demolition of elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as the elevation difference is greater than the step, should add the wall a reinforcement; 3 when the scaffolding down to lower the last post pole height ( About 6. 5m) Shall be in place to build temporary after reinforcement, demolition of the wall again. 4 when scaffolding to staging, discrete surface removal, for not dismantle scaffold at both ends, and should be even wall) and the transverse diagonal reinforcement. Shenzhen scaffold standard due to its geometrical size, reasonable structure, good mechanical performance, easy construction of outfit, safe and reliable, economical and practical characteristics, widely used in buildings, Bridges, tunnels, subways and so on engineering construction is often applied in the aerial work, if the deformation of the steel pipe scaffold happening, what measures need to take? A, scaffolding local deformation caused by foundation settlement. On the double bent transverse section erection of eight kung, or bracing, every other row of poling erect a group, until the deformation zone. Eight kung, or bracing waste must be located in a solid and reliable foundation. Second, scaffolding on rooting of cantilever beam deflection deformation than specified value, after dealing with the cantilever beam anchor point for reinforcement, steel beams with steel support above U after tighten against the roof. There is space between the embedded steel ring and steel beam, must use wedge for horse. Hanging beam outside the wire rope by root examination, all fastening, ensure uniform stress. Three, scaffolding unloading, pull system local damage, immediately according to the original plan formulation of unloading connection method to recover, and the parts have to be deformed and bar are correct. Through the above explanation, we in shenzhen scaffold building demolition have a certain understanding.
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