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Jiangsu scaffolding demolished matters needing attention and safety requirements - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu s

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
The need to do what preparation work before scaffolding, to ensure your work smoothly and work safety. This is a detailed introduction. 1 】 Comprehensive review of shenzhen scaffold fastener connection, even the wall pieces, whether conform to the requirements of the construction supporting system, etc. 2 】 According to test results complement dismantling sequence and measures in perfecting the construction organization design, by the competent department approval to implementation; Project director shall be removed for safety technical support; 3 】 Cleanup sundries and ground obstacles in shenzhen on scaffolding. Removal should be removed when work shall be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; Need with scaffolding removal step by step, even the wall is strictly forbidden to connect a whole wall layer or layers of removal and then dismantled scaffold, section removal elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as greater than 2 step should be to establish even the wall a reinforcement; When the scaffold to lower down the last long when the height of the stud, should be set-up temporary cast in place after the reinforcement, demolition of the wall again. 4 】 When the scaffolding section, division face demolition, to dismantle scaffold at both ends, shall be in accordance with the specification requirements set even wall and lateral brace reinforcement. 5 】 All the components are strictly prohibited thrown to the ground. The above preparation work has been completed, the following is a personal check. First of all, scaffolding construction management, employee safety consciousness, shenzhen managers just catch schedule, tube, scaffolding related to production safety laws, regulations and standards, illegal command, blind construction; This is the most fatal mistake. Second, the project department can not undertake to the worker of effective safety knowledge education and training, lead to worker safety awareness is poor, illegal operation, lack of the ability to prevent a fall accident. Three is the construction safety management staff no comprehensive inspection of the construction site safety, failed to timely found hidden dangers. The implementation of the rectification is not yet in place, the lack of accident forecast and prevention and control ability. Four is, is the factor of content, the scaffold construction enterprise for production safety for people, such as, safety coefficient has been officially eliminated by the use of equipment and machinery, steel wire rope wear, safety net, aging obsolete protect scaffold board, etc. ; Safety protection facilities in place. Four, The stairs, opening, the elevator, the reserved hole) , five limb ( Has not yet been installed surrounding the railing of the balcony, roof surrounding without scaffold, gantry channel 2 side, unloading platform framework building floor by the side of edge) The phenomenon such as protective facilities in place. When you are buying scaffolding, you need to select a production license of production units. Purchase of scaffolding shall attach quality certificate and quality inspection report. Scaffolding on artifacts should indicate the date of production of the manufacturers. When you are shenzhen scaffolding leasing, selected rental units need to be issued by shenzhen administration for industry and commerce business license. Renting scaffolding needs to have a guarantee of quality and testing proved that for renting scaffolding, to sign quality agreement with rental units, rental units responsible for the quality of rental scaffolding, steel pipe, steel pipe, aluminum pipe surface should be flat and smooth, there should be no cracks, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend and burr, indentation and deep way. Above is for shenzhen scaffolding considerations, we should be considered when buying or leasing.
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