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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Professional manufacturer of jiangsu scaffold by open offer you about the role of the basic knowledge of the scaffolding scaffolding and requirements: 1, the role of scaffolding: ( 1) Operating platform ( 2) Stacking materials ( 3) Short distance transport, scaffolding 2 basic requirements: ( 1) Enough strength, stiffness and stability; ( 2) Enough area; ( 3) Security so as to meet the requirements of aerial work; ( 4) Simple structure, convenient installation; ( 5) Adjust measures to local conditions, local materials. 3, scaffolding load requirements: every square metre 2700 n masonry engineering, decoration engineering of every square metre 2000 n, the scaffolding in every square metre 2500 n, pick the scaffold every square metre 1000 n, special circumstances to determine by calculation. 4, this foot hand-eye regulation: single exclusive console scaffold should leave hand-eye set foot on metope, the small bar on the wall of protection, pay attention to not allow to keep foot hand-eye: adobe wall, soil nailing wall, hollow bricks, hollow wall, independent, half brick wall brick column and 180 thick brick wall, brick on the lintel and the lintel into 60 degree Angle triangle scope, doors and Windows on both sides of the mouth of the cave 3/4 brick and 1 & frac34; The scope of brick. More scaffolding take down the factory in jiangsu please click access: http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 41
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