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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen is more than the use of scaffolding scaffolding tube Q195, Q215 and Q235 carbon steel, such as economic developed countries abroad scaffolding manufacturers use scaffolding steel pipe are generally choose low alloy steel. Low alloy steel pipe compared with general carbon steel pipe, the yield strength progress 46%, a 27% reduction in weight, resistant to atmospheric corrosion performance improvement 20% ~ 38%, and 25% use life progress. And domestic construction industry for high strength low alloy welding control rods used in construction scaffolding demand is big, the manufacturers are not actually many. Expert analysis using low alloy steel pipe instead of carbon-steel GuanSanDa benefits:, can think that construction enterprises reduce the construction cost. Low alloy steel pipe every tons of price is 25% higher than carbon steel pipe, but the price of per meter can be 13% lower, at the same time, because of the low alloy steel pipe of light weight, transportation cost savings is very considerable. Second, can save a lot of steel. With phi 48 mm x 2. Low alloy steel pipe instead of 5 mm phi 48 mm x 3. 5 mm of carbon-steel tubes, save steel instead of 1 ton per 270 kilograms. In addition, low alloy steel corrosion resistant performance is good, long using life, both to save steel, economic benefit and conducive to progress. Third, because of the low alloy steel pipe scaffold of light weight, good physical and mechanical performance, can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment, and can you improve construction efficiency, installation for the construction safety and scaffolding manufacturers develop new scaffold invention favorable conditions. Therefore, using low alloy steel pipe scaffold instead of carbon steel pipe scaffold has obvious economic benefits and social benefits. Scaffolding and vertical lifting equipment is the general trend towards lightweight, high strength structure, standardization, assembly and multifunctional direction. The erection process will gradually choose assembling way, as far as possible to reduce or not fasteners, bolts and other parts; Raw materials will also be gradually choose thin-wall steel, aluminum alloy products and so on. Vertical lifting equipment such as the form of the derrick is made, the well type rack as the gantry crane, rail type vertical transporting hopper, etc. The assembling method carried out by combination of single bar to the derrick specification section of assembled into a certain height, and then begin to fast, and all the hauling folding lifting frame. Scaffolding pipe used for building support, many steel varieties and let's make one of the most heavy steel, as a steel-producing countries, about the people of the people's livelihood on the way of improved varieties of steel structure is still a long way to go.
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