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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen type characteristics of scaffolding doors scaffold production and use of time is not long in our country, the research unit of scaffolding, sui generis, each other is not universal, variety specification variety. Some produce factory copy foreign products, the use of English. Scaffold is used in construction scaffolding, one of the most widely used scaffolding. Because the Lord show 'door' word, so called the door or gate type scaffold, also known as scaffolding or gantry. The scaffold is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, with the brace, scaffolding, adjustable base, etc. Gantry scaffolding first developed by the United States, it has the disassembling a brief, bearing performance is good, use secure and reliable characteristics, development is very fast. Shenzhen scaffolding rental fastener scaffold disassembling sensitive, convenient transport, high universality and other characteristics, therefore, is widely used in our country, in the scaffold project, the use quantity accounted for more than 60%, was the largest, the most common use of a scaffold. But, this kind of scaffolding safety to ensure that the poor, construction efficiency is low, can't meet the requirement of basic construction project development. Scaffolding good brand have? Now in our country has brand of several scaffolding production manufacturers, but the brand road. On the other hand, to large manufacturers, production capacity and product quality differ in thousands ways. So pick a of manufacturer is very important. Overall speaking, the manufacturer of the south because more geared to the needs of foreign markets, the profit space is larger, skills become increasingly sophisticated, so general product quality is higher than the north. , of course, the present stage also has some entrepreneurs cast factory in the north, the south with the north part manufacturer also to quality improvement, so also in gradually catch up with the south part of the north manufacturers quality level. Pick a good manufacturer, the establishment of the first to see it time and product information. Whole set up, the longer the time produce skill becomes more sophisticated, more stable product quality. Another different factory's main products, for example some aged produce foot gantry shelf, some fruit all year round disk or bowl scaffold, often produce what kind of products, can also affect the skills and the quality of products. Besides, depends on customer to manufacturer more fully investigated, for example, producing equipment, inspection equipment, integrity, talent level. Shenzhen scaffolding tengda company resolves to brand the road, in recent years at home and abroad dual brand go hand in hand, as a factory has 17 years of rich production experience, we believe that will make customers feel the power of the brand.
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