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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Jiangsu scaffolding, how can fast stability ( 1) Check in advance we need to pay attention to before the scaffolding, completes the inspection work, some with long time, with the decay of the set-up of scaffolding influence its stability, so try not to choose these products, also need to pay attention to the safety of every parts. ( 2) Fixed scaffolding, you need to work on the fixed work of every step should be careful to do, to guarantee the stability of the scaffolding fell to prevent users. ( 3) Check out some scaffolding scaffolding bearing construction personnel too much above, serious overloading, for these in the use of personnel on the scaffold, prevent overload phenomenon, lead to scaffolding collapse collapse. ( 4) Pay attention to the construction personnel need to pay attention to when scaffold construction, must not enter the construction site, others can't shake the scaffold. Keywords: jiangsu scaffold
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