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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffolding is actually refers to the construction site for construction workers, and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support, so it has what architecture? Scaffold is in the process of engineering construction site temporary facilities for the stacking materials and workers for operation, so the basic requirements for scaffolding are: width to meet the operation of the workers, material storage and transportation requirement, strong stability, easy installation. Different scaffolding series has its own structure characteristics, performance and application limitations. Different construction project of scaffolding set has both similarities and differences. Therefore, in solving the problem of construction scaffolding scaffolding, need to meet the needs of the construction and the fundamental point of safety, comprehensive consideration of various conditions and factors, so as to solve real problems; The whole framework of scaffold is made up of T6-2 mm thickness 6061 aluminum, without using any tools, rapid installation and removal, platform bearing of 200 kg per square meter, the whole tower bearing of 1000 kg, can adjust the height adjusting leg to meet the needs of different ground, compression wear-resisting castor, can be fixed to mobile, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, free to change the length of brace, assist the tower body stability, freedom of assembly skirting board, to prevent falling tools, homework personnel on empty, fence height is 1 m, homework personnel security and parts. No matter in any case, need to carry on the omni-directional scaffold in the construction bidding check, qualified rear can use. Comprehensive review of scaffolding parts and support system is in line with the construction requirements; According to the test results and measures of improve the construction plan of the disassembly sequence, after the approval of the competent department in charge of their implementation; Keep clear of in time on scaffolding tools ground obstacles. Remove should do it step by step, down the forbidden and work at the same time; Pedal and cross arm need with scaffolding removed one by one, it is forbidden to remove the parts directly from the sky falls, passed one by one to the ground. After completion of the whole tower demolition, all parts should be the regular pattern, and clean up for next time use. Shenzhen tengda scaffold for 24 hours online service, can rent available, the country can be door-to-door delivery, please consulting service hotline: 18420150310
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