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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
With the development of shenzhen, large-scale construction implementation is normal, the implementation of the construction of the collapse of the phenomenon, how to effectively avoid this kind of phenomenon? Although have already said shenzhen scaffolding common sense, but we need some overarching things, such as today we talk about shenzhen scaffolding, when pay attention to these problems. Although also talked about before, but for security issues is very necessary to talk about. Its structure is reasonable, good mechanical performance, make full use of steel strength, bearing capacity is higher and it's on the construction site easier installation and construction of high efficiency and save work at the same time, to save time can effectively guarantee the safety of the construction personnel, shenzhen scaffolding, not like traditional platform structures, slower installation and ensure safety of construction personnel is not high also, so, want to avoid accident happens, will greatly change the scaffolding structures, the slow progress of shenzhen. Different types of engineering construction to choose different USES of scaffolding and formwork. Bridge bracket is mainly used for bowl scaffolding, can also be used for the door scaffolding. The main structure of scaffold for construction land use fastener scaffold, scaffolding rod longitudinal is apart from the general to 1. 2 to 1. 8m; Is apart from the general to 0. 9 to 1. 5m. 1, choose the appropriate design, its carrying capacity to the right. 2, erection of high-level scaffolding, adopted by the various materials must meet the quality requirements. Set-up before 3, high-level scaffolding foundation must be strong, after calculation, meet the requirement of load, and set-up, and according to the construction of drainage measures. Ensure that the foundation for imposed load. 4, the scaffolding structure components must have good quality and maintenance; Technical requirements of shelving shall conform to the relevant specifications. 5, installation is performed by qualified personnel or under the chair. Install in accordance with design, the design meets the requirements of load, meet the national standards; Measures need to attach great importance to all kinds of structure: according to need to set up the scissors, pull node, etc. 6, horizontal closed: from step 1, scaffolding, every step or two step, spread the scaffold hand or foot basketry, scaffolding to laid along, overlapping joint should be shelved in a small bar, it is forbidden to appear short board. Every four steps between the riser and wall laid long, security at the bottom of the fence. Step 7, vertical closed: from the second to fifth step, each step must be in the outside vertical rod side set 1. 00 m high protective railings and pedal or set up network, protective pole ( Network) With the stud pin down; Step 5 above in addition to the set a guard rail, basketry or safety set net should be all set security; In concentration areas or residents along the street, it should be the second step, the lateral set net all set its safety or security. 8 and all the work platform should laid the complete floor, at the edge of the platform should have armrest, fence or other measures to prevent fall protection, prevent personnel or material from platform; Scaffolding shall be higher than the top of the building or operating level 1. More than 5 m, and added a palisade. 9, erection of scaffolding on the end of the steel tube, fastener, scaffolding and connecting point shall not be removed at will. During the construction of the necessary must agree via site head and take effective measures to process immediately after the completion of the recovery.
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