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Jiangsu scaffolding rental: scaffolding dismantling should look before you leap 'jiangsu scaffolding leasing low scaffolding rental prices - in jiangsu Jiangsu Shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
In the scaffold, Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Construction of the construction, a lot of not attaches great importance to the scaffold, Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) The dismantling of the link, but a lot of accident is caused. Scaffold ( Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Demolition must pay attention to the following: http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 33 1。 Dismantle scaffold ( Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) The preparing work before: comprehensive check scaffold ( Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) , focusing on fasteners connecting fixed, such as supporting system meets the safety requirements; According to test results and preparation of demolition scheme and the site condition and approved by the department; Technical clarificaiton; According to the demolition of the scene of the situation, fences or warning signs, and have people watch; Remove the scaffold, Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Retained in the materials, wires and other sundry. 2. Hurt before, shall have the site construction manager's approval formalities, tear open shelf requires specialist command, when do echo, up and down movement coordination. 3. Demolition of frame work areas, prohibit the operation personnel to enter. 4. Demolition order should be raised after parts, first raised parts before, it is forbidden to use pushed or pulled down the demolition. 5. Fixed pieces should be with the scaffold, Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Removed one by one, after the demolition to section riser, should look after the erection of temporary support reinforcement, can tear open fixed and support. 6. The dismantling of the scaffold ( Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Parts should be shipped to the ground, it is strictly prohibited to throw from the air. 7. The scaffold to the ground, Jiangsu scaffolding leasing) Components, should be timely cleaning and maintenance. According to the need to besmear brushs antirust paint, and warehouse piled up according to the varieties, specifications. (4) viaduct scaffold has a height difference of up and down entry should be set or step, ramp and set protective railings.
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