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Jiangsu scaffolding the matters of attention in the painted by disassembling factory dismantling homework low will warm your heart or! Scaffold by open factory in jiangsu, jiangsu scaffolding rental prices, jiangsu mobile scaffolding rental - Jiangsu S

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
1. Wuxi scaffolding demolition work shall, from time to time, pay attention to the position of operation reliability and hang on your seat belt. Not to dismantle bar, fasteners, scaffolding and other tossed to the ground. 2. Lateral horizontal pole, the master node need to set up lateral horizontal pole, the master node lateral horizontal pole to isometric Settings, according to the supporting scaffold board needs large span should not be more than half of the longitudinal spacing; Double bent, against the wall side of the overhanging length should not be greater than zero. 4 lb and & le; 500mm. 3. Ground personnel work closely with demolition workers will remove the bar and so on according to the varieties, specifications and colors of neat. 4. Disclosure should press when the frame body to dismantle the book from the top to the bottom of the demolition of the order, the upper is not opened after not to dismantle the lower demolition area should set up a cordon and warning signs, due and specialist care, it is forbidden to other personnel enter the demolition area. 5. Double bent shadow laterally throughout the length and height inside the continuous bracing, bracing diagonal Angle between 450 ~ 600, with the ground across 5 ~ 7 root poling; Bridging joints should use lap, lap length should not be less than 1 m, joint parts should use three different rotating fastener reinforcement. 6. Even the wall piece should be close to the master node & le; 300 mm set, it is necessary to use may withstand the pressure and tension structure; Steel pipe scaffold should adopt rigid wall piece, 24 m below can be used in a steel bar and the top bracing also support the use of the wall, even the wall rod or brace in horizontal layout, may not be connected by oblique, only brace of flexible even the wall is strictly prohibited. More than 24 m frame body need to adopt embedded rigid wall pieces. Have don't understand of ask our jiangsu scaffolding manufacturer, http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 41 looking forward to your call information hotline: 0512 - 62578290
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