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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen sea mountain scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine house once appear leakage problem, it will directly affect the normal use of house of quality, and we live. So for housing leakage this problem, the owners is very seriously. Exterior wall leakage is often happen, and people more distress problem, exterior wall leakage is what reason? Let's take this question, together to get to know the exterior wall leakage is what reason! Exterior wall leakage is what reason 1, along the outside doors in window frame surrounding water seepage in general, if the outside wall appear slack, the majority is caused by the window in the wall leakage phenomenon. This is because the door window frame surrounding and brick wall interface crack is not embedded, or embedded in mortar filling but not dense, often fall off and fracture, humanly scaled mouth top surface, no drip line, and the rain from the top of the hole into the interior. Under the window of a crack in the masonry mortar is not full, water seeping into the interior from the gap. Window paint is undeserved, water seeping into the interior along the window frame. 2, the construction process of legacy improper handling in the construction, if we failed to attach the some facilities in exterior wall removed, to a certain extent, also can form water seepage channels, such as: tower crane, construction elevator, scaffolding and other attached rod, pull rod dismantling, etc. In wall concrete construction, fixed template to use to wear bolt, shear wall structure is the important reason of seepage water of exterior wall, because of the wall body area is large, to wear bolt number, processing is not at the time, stay in the structure of the bolt hole can form water seepage channel. 3, seepage of outer wall brick masonry if, in the construction of the building construction personnel technology does not pass, without careful construction, or brick seam mortar is not full, the framework of the structure of the enclosure wall and bottom of the frame beam, will be due to the settlement of masonry crack, so as to appear slack phenomenon. Scaffolding eye no jam, according to the requirement of water seepage channel, exterior wall decoration surface free drum, cracks, after the rain, rain from the slit into the plaster layer and penetrate into the interior. 4 leaking, installation engineering problems such as air conditioning, water pipe installation is need to make hole in the wall body, these pipes is need through the wall, if in the installation, we have not strictly control the construction quality of pipe and wall body joint part improper handling, it is easy to leave water penetration. Small make up words: above is the ladder, small make up with all of you on the relevant contents of exterior wall leakage is what reason, hope I can give some reference to you! Dr More relevant content, can focus on ladder information, the subsequent will present more wonderful content oh! Shenzhen seamounts scaffolding
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