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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen shatoujiao scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine decoration in the process of the new house, concrete wall is extremely common, in order to create indoor style they want, and demolish concrete also need to pay attention to the problem. So artificial concrete method is how, and wall the need to pay attention to what problem, you know? Now we are together and see it. How a, artificial concrete method due to the cement wall adhesion is not strong, so it can be a whole piece of eradication, specific practices are as follows: first to sprinkle the water to the cement wall surface, make metope at the grass-roots level to be more soft, then use a shovel cement metope can be eradicated. In addition, using oxalic acid or hydrochloric acid, also can have very good effect. Second, tear open wall need to pay attention to what problem 1, before the demolition of cement metope, need to check the specific situation of the building's electrical wiring, piping, if want to demolish the metope of the buried pipes or wires, need to disconnect, water pipes, it will cause serious danger. 2, in order to ensure the safety of construction and passers-by, on the wall before the demolition, needs to be outside the scope of construction on the trademark notice board, make the whole construction in the closed state. And in the walls on both sides need to set up the necessary support scaffold, and the distance between the shelves and the wall needs to be controlled within 500 mm. 3, wall removed before, it is best to stick on the surface of the floor protection template, adequate protection of the ground base do damage to the wall of the house collapsed in the face of the ground. In addition, it is necessary to dismantle the wall if you have any connection and other metope, you need to differentiate to cancel the prior use cutting machine, and then its separation, protect another wall. How about artificial demolish concrete methods, and wall the need to pay attention to what problem, first introduced to here, do you understand? Want to dismantle the cement wall, is not difficult, as long as you use the right methods and pay attention to some details, but it is better to ask professional construction, to prevent unnecessary loss. Shenzhen shatoujiao scaffolding
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