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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen shatoujiao scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine now with the emergence of all kinds of high-rise buildings, exterior wall waterproof materials and ceramic tile are used more and more. But exterior wall leakage problem is also in constant appear, now has become the common problems in the construction, is one of the important problems need to be solved by people. So, exterior wall waterproof mortar is what? Next, with small make up to understand! Exterior wall waterproof mortar is what first sweep away the ashes of metope, it is metope processing at the grass-roots level, and then use besmear brushs interface treatment agent, with hanging vertical line, set to find the rules, then locate the tendons, hang nail wire, to water wet wall in advance, then wipe the bottom mortar, use rub hair technique, continue to plaster layer of waterproof mortar, the waterproof mortar plaster curing. Wall body examination and treatment 1, exterior wall waterproof building requirements: avoid exterior wall masonry heavy seam, pervious to light, mortar mortar joint should be uniform, walls and beam interface, should clean up garbage yu slurry, brick masonry should be moist, masonry wall is not a peaking, build by laying bricks or stones should be two to three times over, in case of mortar contraction, make exterior wall full heavy fact, another note wall roughness detection, in case the procedure of grey too thick or too thin. 2, exterior wall waterproof wall hole inspection and handling, according to Dr Ladder network expert introduction, should check before batch of grey wall holes, plugging of the hole on wall body, uneven with 1:3 cement mortar leveling, in case of too thick place, should be layered leveling, or hang steel mesh, bonding cloth such as number of grey, the other on the scaffold, tower crane, construction elevator Rachel bar waiting in the outer wall of the hole should be clean, with plain water mud and slurry, fully, after the first full tamping compaction, card pin set of brush epoxy resin embedded expansion rubber hose, wedge is strictly prohibited. Small make up epilogue: the above content is the practice of exterior wall waterproof mortar is what? Related contents of introduction, hope can help to you. Believe that, through the content to introduce you to know more about your wall inspection and handling, subsequent if there is demand, you can refer to see. Shenzhen shatoujiao scaffolding
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