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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen shahe scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine inorganic zinc rich primer from the perspective of the aging resistance test of coating, acrylic polyurethane and silicone coating has excellent weather resistance and decoration properties in the ultraviolet aging test of 2000 h lost rate is smaller. Together see inorganic zinc rich primer construction proposal below what are? Inorganic zinc rich primer construction tips 1. Before construction, construction personnel must be strict inspection to a need to fix the area, generally should be used on the weld porosity, biting edge, free edge fast mouth way, such as fire, such as welding work of other adjacent industry must end, ensure the integrity of their using primer. 2. To deal with the surface and sand washing to Sa2. 5, the surface roughness should be 40 ~ 75 mu m range, go out to all the shop primer. Hull, for example, for a class of sand washing is best one time, if the condition does not allow, shipyard shall discuss arrange the best sand washing order, prevent sand washing and painted conflict delay construction period. Before sand washing, construction personnel need to be carried out on the dead Angle, complex parts processing, avoid when making touch-up the parts didn't reach touch-up conditions cause delayed time limit for a project. 3. Sand washing after inspection qualified, should be carried out immediately paint coating processing, coating tools should choose the brush, not can use roller. Precoating scope includes all difficult parts, at the same time precoating is to ensure that sufficient manpower. 4. Curing agent to give priority to stir, stir and add zinc powder. Due to the weight of the zinc powder is larger, both in the precoat and formal coating shall stir and prevent zinc dust precipitation. 5. Pay attention to control the cold wind pressure, with 1:32 paint pump as an example, the cold wind pressure has reached the standard in 4 kg, not raising their. Gun mouth within 14 ~ 21. Should try when series spray gun, spray system in the process should pay attention to control the film thickness, film thickness too thin to upset in a timely manner. 6. System should be arranged after the spray to pour water on the surface of a coating operation, at the same time to ensure that all parts have been repeatedly pour into the water, spray on the surface of the water can accelerate the curing, drench water after the completion of the surface with a damp cloth to remove white zinc salt. 7. After the completion of the coating curing, drying degree evaluation work, only to reach the qualified standard once under construction. If it is found that a small amount of damage with epoxy zinc-rich primer EPA072/073 to repair. If the blasting work is done, subregional in inorganic zinc rich ethyl silicate primer all construction construction can only be carried out after the completion of the second degree, spray paint system at the same time the best plus 30% ~ 50% of diluent, in order to achieve the perfect effect. 8. Top part of the construction scaffolding, scaffolding needs strong, safe, the scaffold should be with steel plate distance of about 15 - 30 cm wide. Scaffolding pipe ends shall be wound to prevent safety accidents, also facilitate the construction. 9. Night lighting equipment related to the construction needs, at the same time to have relatively good standard. The cause of inorganic zinc rich primer construction defects 1, inorganic zinc rich primer coating itself factors is successful film materials, solvents, additives and coloring materials consisting of a variety of raw materials, its performance is composed of various components, so as to achieve a state, complementary in vulnerable to all sorts of different factors and defects of the outside world, such as improper storage environment, storage time is too long. And like a formula design is unreasonable, improper material selection, manufacturing process has a problem, etc. 2, coating process factors when the inorganic zinc-rich primer and base material factors to control, many defects occurred coating design is unreasonable, the implementation is not caused by the strict, the coating process, including the specific process of coating process, the tool adopted by the method, especially in dry grinding and repeat process is reasonable, the process of the parameter is correct, coloring and hole filling material selection, for example, whether floor paint, paint mixing proportion is reasonable, etc. 3 factors of environment steel coating, coating, the coating process of fine, good environment, such as workshop daylighting is insufficient, is bound to affect the line of sight of accurate, and may become angry, uneven coating performance, this can timely found the problem is not found, had failed to control the spraying dry ground humidity, the workshop ventilation, discomfort, or wind speed solvent volatilization solvent evaporation have mist emissions with difficulty. 4, inorganic zinc rich primer coating technology factors on the operator, coating process by technical personnel design and management, engineering and technical personnel quality is poor, no experience, it is difficult to control coating process of normal, is difficult to avoid defects, these factors are reliable human factor solution. Conclusion: the above is the small make up to introduce the content of inorganic zinc rich primer construction Suggestions, hope can be helpful to everyone, for more information please focus on Dr Ladder network. Shenzhen shahe scaffolding
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