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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen tengda contact? With the continuous development of information technology and the update, today's scaffolding contact variety, such as: mobile number, WeChat ID, qr code, etc. Contact information can be divided into: simple physical address, social software, social networking sites, phone, etc. General scaffolding above will with a phone number, at the beginning of 0755 is the area code, for example, means in shenzhen area, then 23215987 is the telephone, the contact way of the combination is shenzhen tengda in large-scale construction of the construction of the project, you will choose to use Dr Ladder scaffolding? It is a necessity, or can be replaced by other aerial work equipment? The player is a professional production manufacturer? This one problem must be in the eyes of many people in engineering are in doubt. Scaffold in the construction industry as an important part of the climbing equipment, with its unique bearing force of up to 3 tons, easy tear open outfit can shorten construction period, the advantages of the convenient transportation storage won the favour of many economically developed cities, there are many of the city is the manufacturer of scaffolding, tongling, qidong well, xi 'an, xiamen, shenzhen, tianjin, etc. , this is not only convenient for transport also save the cost, some factories scaffold can be selling rental, lease is the premise of reaches a certain amount. For the convenience of publicity and promotion of scaffolding, part or most of the vendors will will contact tag attached to the tower rail, diagonal, or on the pull rod, some of them are printed on the skirting board. So in the world can all see it in the process of construction. Labeling of another reason is that if any problems encountered in the process of building or use, can timely contact to professional guidance to kill two birds with one stone of it. High quality scaffolding manufacturer on the packaging of products in detail, the inside configuration instructions and data, installation techniques, such as stents mobile considerations, which parts under what circumstances must use, the maintenance of material, will write the company's professional and technical personnel of landline or mobile phones, manufacturer's detailed address, etc. Scaffolding contact phone number are in order to after-sales service, now society is to pay attention to service, can't be sold scaffolding just don't ask to customers, and customers also can feedback the product from the phone, where need to improve more convenient.
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